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Hey guys-
A friend of mine was putting together an engine over the weekend and asked me to help him out. Well, it was more me asking to help but either way it was alot of fun. We both have Eclipses, his now a turbo. My question isnt just about the Eclipse engine, but all in general I think. When we got all the tools for the job ready, he brought out a jar of peanut butter. He said he puts it on all his bearings, but had no idea why. It was an old trick he learned somewhere. I had NO clue why. I am wondering if any one had ever heard of this? Why Peanut butter??

posted by  Masuk

Thats stupid. Theres better lubrication out there than peanut butter. Actually, peanut butter would be pretty useless as lubrication, and I cant see any other reason he would use it.

posted by  Oomba

Yeah... don't do that. There's a bunch of companies that make assembly lube... which is made for assembling motors. Pick some of that up.

posted by  Bino

All I got was that you could grease a car or truck axel...but if he's done it before, and whatever cars he's done it on still work, then it can't be too bad...

posted by  chris_knows

I thought peanut butter was abrasive :screwy:

posted by  fudge

ok......... peanut butter....... i wonder if chrisv has heard of that one before....... im actually in shock!

i think even KY jelly does a better job than peanut butter.....

just buy lubricants specified for the automotive industry... why? cuz its logical.....

posted by  Inygknok

Save that peanut butter for a sandwich later and buy some automotive lubricant instead. May cost a little more but you have a lubed car and something for lunch :thumbs:

posted by  Spanky2324

How about baby oil?

posted by  fudge

Hey guys-
I asked him again, he said he also read it on I looked this up under engine and performance-engine building for retards. It said peanutbutter is used on the bearings as well. This wasnt my 1st build, so we also used assembly lube on the bearings as well. I thought this would be a question for Chrisv so if you see this help me out. Thanks

posted by  Masuk

it's not your car, i'd say go for it. let us know when the pb solidifies and falls off all the bearings from the heat. just cuz it sticks to the roof of your mouth doesn't mean its gonna stick to your engine...

posted by  jcnoernberg

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