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okay i own a rsx base and i ordered an type r engine off ebay, what happened is that i got sent an type-s engine instead, so i emailed them and told them i got the wrong product and they sent me the right engine this time. They said i can keep the other engine cuz its their fault which is sweet! but i have no use for it and a friend of mine has a "Leased Rsx" and he wants to swap it into his car, but we're not sure if hes aloud to do that cuz its a lease car, so my question if he did the swap would he have any penelty for it? the warranty for sure most likely, what else? anything serious? cuz techincally its not his car and there are rules to engine mods to leased cars, but he said he is for surely gona buy it out when the lease is up, he has anohter year or so. can anyone help us out?

posted by  chibi

there you go, i think you answered your own question.

that's not really a engine modification, but a swap! it would leave the car unsellable to a retail dealer, so be prepared to buy out that lease (which is a fine option to pursue).

posted by  jcnoernberg

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