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I have a 1998 Honda civic ex. Yesterday I blew a tire on the free way so I had to wait 90 minutes for the tow truck. In the process of waiting for the truck I had my hazard lights on so it drained my battery. After I got my spare tire put back on I went to work after having to be jumped off. Since the battery was pretty much gone I took it over to our fleet mechanics’ that work on our trucks. They charged the battery back up now here is where it gets strange. I have an alarm with an auto start now when I press the auto start button on my remote my car will start than stop than cut back on. So I take my car to the sound shop that did the install they tell me that my alternator is the reason this is happening they said it was putting out 12.36 volts. I called the Honda dealer and the service department stated that anything from 12.0 to 14.0 is normal. So what do you guys think should I have my alternator changed or is the sound shop blowing smoke. Keep in mind I never had this problem before my battery went dead also if I get in the car and start it with my key everything works fine. By the way I went to advance auto parts and had the battery tested an they said it was fine.

posted by  watts3000

Its something wrong with the remote start system if you had your alternator checked and it works fine when key-started.

posted by  Oomba

whatever it is get it changed...... ur battery will drain fast and eventually go bad

posted by  lamboluver

wow, that was helpfull :thumbs:

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