Mazda RX-8 automatic transmission in Europe?

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Hi there,
has anybody got a clue where I can find the RX-8 with the Formula 1 style paddles in Europe? It should be a left-hand drive and switchable to fully automatic (for the rush hour jams and my wife :wink2: )

I called Mazda in several EU countries but they all stated it's only available with stick. :banghead:

I'm really getting closer to thinking about buying and shipping the US/Canadian version myself but I'll most likely run into tricky issues like warranty, spares for the automatic version, finding proper service due to lack of knowledge of the US version etc. Importing it straight from Japan is no option either since it would be a right-hand drive, right?

My good old Integra is a bit on its last breath and I absolutely love the RX-8.

Any thoughts?


posted by  solaar

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