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I ahve a 99 leganza that has been sitting for quite a while....just bough a new truck and will be driving the daewoo when gas gets high....charged up the battery, and will be getting the oil changed....the container for the coolant is showing a rusty, ugly fluid........I would like to fush it out, clean it and re-load...the manual asks for non-mineralized water (??) and coolant mixture...anyone please help on how to do this easily........also, the engine catches and almost dies when the gas is stepped on......may just be a product of sitting too long.............anything I else I should do or change to get this car moving and usable?? Thanks

posted by  robby1824

well, it might help u to post in the maintennance area thingy...

posted by  Slapshot

Let the fluid run out of your radiator and then buy some radiator wash to cleanse out the radiator and then run water through. Then you should be good to go.(too many thens :mrgreen: )

posted by  Spanky2324

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