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Whatcha think?

I love my Toyota Celicas, just had to sell my old 5th gen as it needed too much body work, but I never got a chance to drive a honda prelude 4th gen model.

Now to anyone who may have driven both what is your opion on each car?
As far as horsepower wise I know they are both about the same being about 130hp.

My biggest concern is the damn preludes are grossly overpriced for what they are and I am eying a celica that might be perfect.

So any opinons on the matter are welcome.

Oh and by the way I am 6'3, but I fit alright in the celica (just a bit to see out the back).

posted by  Brisky

Well, you got one thing wrong. The '92-'96 Prelude Si's have 160hp, while the S's have 135.

posted by  odds

The Si is definatley the better of the two cars. Has the nice DOHC H23a w/ 160hp. The Si came in two varients, one with 4 wheel steering and the other w/o it. I'd personally get the one w/o 4ws because it performs better because it weighs about 75lbs less than the one with 4ws. A lot of people get the 4ws model though just because of the rarity.

The Celica GT has less horsepower and torque but weighs nearly exactly the same as the Prelude Si. So we know the Prelude will be a bit quicker (plus the Prelude has a more "Racey" engine, as it revs higher). Prelude handles a bit better too.

As for price, well, It's hard to find an Si with a manual tranny. I won't lie. The only one within a 50 mile radius of me I found was this one...

http://www.autotrader.com/fyc/vdp.jsp?car_id=186415033&dealer_id=56654444&c ar_year=1993&search_type=both&make=HONDA&distance=50&model=PRE&sponsorModel =&address=30281&certified=&advanced=&max_price=&bkms=1128699450217&min_pric e=&end_year=1996&start_year=1992&isp=y&lang=en&cardist=28

Now $6000 is a lot for a 93 Si, but it seems he did a lot of work to it. The normal price for stock Si's with 120-150k miles or so will be anywhere from $3500-$5000.

posted by  thunderbird1100

i think the lude myself

posted by  lamboluver

i'd definately go with the lude over the other anyday

posted by  C c C

my old next door neighbour used to have a '91 celica gt-4 and that was quick as ****...

i don't like the '93's though, i think that they're ugly as... so yeah, i'd go with a lude.

but, if it was a '91 gt-4 vs. '93 lude, i'd go with the st185 ANY DAY!.

posted by  HyundaGuy

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