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Here's a nice video of the new 2006 Civic Si going around willow springs and some twisty roads.


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posted by  thunderbird1100

Dammit I want one even more now :doh:

posted by  99integra

That's a pretty nice car, even Oomba probably couldn't find something to bash about it :laughing:

posted by  chris_knows

Don't hold your breath. He'll hijack the thread soon enough!

posted by  thunderbird1100

They said the handling is noticeably better than that of the RSX-S. They clocked 0-60 runs in the high 6s.

That's their project Si and they had it dynapack'ed at 204hp at the hub. A dynapack (measured at wheel hub) is about 5% higher when rating power over a dynojet (measures from rollers). So that means this thing is severly underrated at 197 crank hp by Honda. If on a dynojet this thing would put down nearly 194fwhp that means we're easily seeing at least 225hp at the crank. That's friggin amazing.

This is TOV's car they are going to mod for the SEMA show. They plan getting the lap times down from the high 1:30's at willow springs to the low 1:30's by the time they are done with it (low 1:30's is about past S2000 and 350Z territory). They plan on raising the hub hp from 204hp to about 250hp with just an intake, header, exhaust, chip and cams.

Take note, those runs around willow springs (the 1:37/1:38 they ran) was on a completely bone stock brand new 06 Si. Nothing done to it. They wanted to run on the stock setup with R-compound tires but didnt get the time too. With R-compound tires and those mods they plan to do, high 1:20's is easily possible.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Last I heard they said that the handling could be improved though?

posted by  99integra

Oh definately. Handling can be improved on any car with the use of aftermarket parts. Even an Elise :thumbs:

The new Si uses a unique concept to Civics in that now it uses an outboard shock from the spring. So it's not like the typical shock inside spring combination.

posted by  thunderbird1100


posted by  HyundaGuy

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