Acura LS 2D 2001 Coupe Automatic Transmission

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Hello everyone i am going to buy this car for 11420 Dollars off a god friend of mine whom is rich hehe. Im thinking that it is a super deal. Yes of course it sucks a fatty since it has no manual but hey i figure its still to good of a deal seing as how it only has 38,000 miles on ti ahahah. It is a year 2001, and i just wanted to ask you guys what you think? Also does it have leater i forgot to ask.... Do you guys think this deal is as awsome as i do? it's silver with black interior in great shape as he says. Please give me some feedback AND also i want this car to be able to get modded to at least 200 HP is that going to be possible?

posted by  HappyPuppy

Umm, Its a piece of shit

posted by  99integra

Just kiddin, that's a damn good price with THAT many miles on it :thumbs:

posted by  99integra

Even wit hthat many miles it's not worth THAT much. Tell him $9000 or lower.

posted by  thunderbird1100

To get it up 60 horsepower is probably going to be pretty tricky, but not impossible...Remember horsepower is not everything, make her light, and handle good, and for god's sake don't rice her...

You can't tell for yourself if the interior is in good condition?

I'm pretty sure the leather is optional, so depends on what he got...

I agree with TB1100, but $9000? I'd say around $10,000...

It's a nice car though :thumbs: Good luck...

posted by  chris_knows

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