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how hard would it be to swap a 90-94 tsi awd engine into my 95 esi. would this be the easiest way to turbo my car? also wat kind of price range am i looking at if i took it to a shop to have it done? thanx

posted by  farmboy108

It's not an easy swap at all, the two drivetrains have nothing in common, they don't even sit on the same side of the car (4G63 engine on driver's side, 420A engine on passengers side). Sell your car and buy a factory turbo'd version. That, or purchase an aftermarket turbo kit for your car (your car has a Mopar 420A motor).

posted by  Bino

yeah, i'd say throw in an aftermarket turbo. you'll prob be saving some cash, and perhaps a little less trouble

posted by  C c C

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