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i want to know if the new civic is good or not....... i havent heard much but they sound ok

posted by  lamboluver

Im not liking the styling right now...but itll probably grow on me. One thing is for sure, the power certainly has my attention :thumbs:

posted by  SlipKnoT

Well, the Civic DX/LX/EX you can go and drive yourself right now. It's at dealers by now. I drove a Civic EX coupe 5spd and was very impressed with the acceleration and better handling over the previous gen. The interior is extremely nice for an econo-car (best I've seen, heck you can even get navigation now!). The new R18 engine is a bit underrated at 140hp as dyno numbers show it pulling between 150-155hp and acceleration figures to back that up.

As for the Civic Si I hear it's a wonderful car. They haven't released them yet to dealers (And wont until towards the end of the year). They say take the RSX-S and improve the handling, response and acceleration and you have the new Civic Si. Its dyno numbers show a crank hp of around 220-225hp. There are so many improvements made over previous Si's and the RSX-S it's insane. The new engine mounts reduce wheelhop to NOTHING (problem on the RSX-S). The new shock outside of spring setup improved handling geometry two-fold. There isnt much to say that's wrong with the new Civic Si other than dealers are marking them up as high as $24k.

posted by  thunderbird1100

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