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I have a 2000 Mitsubishi Galant ES with 4cyl, SOHC engine with 79,000 miles

It stalls while idling but only while warming up as I will describe here. It idles fine for the first couple of minutes after starting with a cold engine. Then stalls while idling for about the next 10-15 minutes. Then after a while idles fine again. Otherwise engine runs very smooth at all speeds, except stalls at idle as described above. I can keep the engine from stalling at idle by pressing gas pedal slightly to keep RPM's to just under 1,000. Also, when engine stalls it is smooth, no jerky motion from engine. It's as if someone turned off the key.

Engine always starts immediately when starter engaged (at any time).

No OBD / DTC codes set. Spark plugs and air filter replaced ~6mos ago with no problems until this week. Has integrated fuel pump filter that factory says should not need to be changed.

I live in coastal San Diego with a very mild climate. Temperatue in 70's F.

Does anyone have any ideas on diagnosing? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


posted by  ram1728

I'm having the same exact problem ..same car/same year about 95K miles..I just replaced the battery and I think the problem may be the PCM(powertrain control module). That is the computer chip that controls idling(among other things)..I don't think it liked not having battery power or did not come back after new battery put in..maybe it fried....This just happen and I'm just getting started troubleshooting

posted by  baubaby

I have a 1997 GAYlant with 110k and it just started doing that to me. I was on the freeway in typical LA stop and go traffic about 4 miles from the next exit. worked fine till traffic came to a stop. I tried to be slick about it, getting it in neutral so i can keep my rpms high enough to keep it from stalling while stopped, but i still think i had to restart my car about 30 times before i could get off the freeway. man i really need to get AAA.

posted by  dmband8985

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