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yo- a few of my shots of "foreign Big 3" cars at the auto show back in Jan...
IMO i think the Lexus LF-A (drool....) :ticking: was the best car at the show... among some of my other favs: check it out

posted by  cL300zx

i kickin it in that 05 350z.. man i wish i had the $$ to cop one

posted by  cL300zx

i was kinda impressed by toyota's scion coupe, the tC... its sporty, but a little too small, haha- its cute, but looks quick

posted by  cL300zx

OH JESUS, that motor in the scion is nice :drool:

posted by  C c C

Is that Lexus planned to come out? IMO it looks very nice. Not a big fan of that Infiniti SUV though.

posted by  Nissan_Altima

I reckon you could park a rustbucket under those lights and it'd look shiny...

posted by  windsonian

yeah- the infiniti suv concept is so so- but it sits 9; haha-
the LF-A on the other hand is just concept for now, not on the market- a few prototypes, one touring model- that one at 05 NAIAS - but its specs are respectable when compared to ferrari f430, benz sl55, and aston martin db9 formula one racers-

05 Lexus LF-A
500 HP
5000 cc
top speed: in the area of 200mph
price (suggested) 150K

i dig it, and the NSX is always eye candy for me... :mrgreen:

posted by  cL300zx

I sat in that 350Z :smoke: But all very nice cars :thumbs: :clap:

posted by  chris_knows

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