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What u guys think of this eclipse? I like it except taht terrible back and the neons. I am gonna go drive it today and see how it drives. if i like it i might buy it but i will def take that nasty back off and if i get a chance those neons also. Any of you guys if that a good exhaust on it?

posted by  V-Tec

ohh yeah and i would def sell the LCD

posted by  V-Tec

I think it would be a bit better had he spent as much time on the performance as he had on the looks.

posted by  hondaman

He should have just left that damn body kit off. Or at least the rear clip anyway. What color are you going ot paint it if you get it? How much does he want for it?

posted by  SlipKnoT

Well he wants 5500. The only thing i care about is that the mileage is accurate and it doesn't make any noises.He clams it has 85k The last eclipse i checked had miles screwed back when i checked car fax. That was 95 GST for the same price as this one. Um i would definately take the rear off. ( i hope he still has stock rear bumper.) I won't paint it right away because painting is expensive and right now it wouldn't be im my budget since i have to pay for car and insurance. But if i would paint it i would paint it electric blue. If it would be a stcok eclipse i would have done some body work so maybe it's a good thing that it has some shit on it already because now i can just focus on performance. But no matter what that rear end is just ugly and it will come off if i get the car.
So do u guys know anything about that exhaust on the bottom?

posted by  V-Tec

OK, here's my thoughts.

1) The car's an Automatic
2) The car's not a turbo
3) That bodykit looks like a$$
4) Those taillights look like a$$
5) Drive it at night, I just removed the fancy chrome projector headlights from my car because they threw about as much light as a AA Maglite. So those headlights might suck.
6) The bodykit isn't even painted
7) The car's not a turbo
8) The car's an Automatic

But, those wheels are sick, it looks really awesome in the first picture before he/she defaced it with the bodykit.

posted by  Bino

$5500!!! Holy crap batman, you can buy a turbo version for that much cash. Especially if you want an Automatic, the automatic/turbos are hella cheap.

posted by  Bino

Is this one a GS, RS, GT, GST, or GSX?

posted by  SlipKnoT

The fact that it has an AEM CAI means it ain't GST or a GSX.

That and the gauge cluster doesn't have a boost gauge.

But, the door handles match the color of the car, so it's a GS.

posted by  Bino

ya listen to what this guy says lol
ya it is a Gs
it's automatic because that better for me( i have explained this before Chicago,traffic,snow +inexperinced driver with manual= not one of the best situations) and it's just a pain to drive a stick in downtown chicago and traffic
As for turbo ya it's not turbo but at leats the insurance won't be as high

posted by  V-Tec

The automatic things obviously your decision, but if you're looking for an AT GS, don't pay the same price as a factory turbo car. IMO if you're looking at a GS you should be paying around $4K max. But that's just me.

posted by  Bino

Well yes i agree with u but there are expensive extras on this car like the LCD which i would sell, the rims, exhaust,ect.. I mean don't forget 5500 is just asking price that will def be bargained down if everything is ok with car.
ohh yeah and i forgot to say that CF hood was painted red so everything is the same except red hood.

posted by  V-Tec

Am I the only one that likes neons and those altezza lights (not on his car but on my truck). I think I am retracting my statement of them as rice, right now i wanna put just visual and audio and maybe lower my truck and put a nice set of 17's or 18's on her, not like I'm gonna race anyone

posted by  99integra

well i have no problem with altezzas, as for neons i don't know i personally don't like em.

posted by  V-Tec

The car altogether is not bad, just needs some of her old parts back, and a new paint job...she'd look pretty nice then :thumbs:

posted by  chris_knows

Yeah, that occured to me afterward. Mostly the LCD thing. The wheels are valuable, but to me, I'd have to spend a lot of money un-doing the riceyness of the car after I purchased it. So that would actually lower the price even farther for me. I'd have to replace all those painted panels on the interior, replace the taillights, perhaps replace the headlights, rip off all that plastic body crap... etc. But, to each his own.

And, personally, I think that Altezza taillights are the worst thing to happen to the automotive industry since the minivan. But, that is just my opinion. I lose all respect for a vehicle if I see it has Altezza's. But that's just my humble opinion.

posted by  Bino

your opinion is respected but the only thing i would take off is the rear plastic thing ( cant even call it anything it's so ugly) the LCD and the neons everything else i am fine with

posted by  V-Tec

I like how it looked when he bought it.

posted by  Oomba

personally, i like the stock version better. all that crap on the outside makes a good car look like a$$. The inside is alright, and the neons can stay, but thats all. Remember, this is only my opinion!

posted by  jdubya

I will say that of all the bodykits available, that front bumper is one of the most tolerable ones, might not look half bad when painted. But the rear is one of the most :puke: .

I think neons are a total waste of time as well, those babies would be goin' on ebay. But, again, just my opinion.

Sounds like you like the car, drive it, if ya like it, have it checked out by a mechanic... and then buy it.

posted by  Bino

As do I. :laughing:

posted by  SlipKnoT 2&cat=500&page=1

Stumbled upon that car as I was browsing for inspiration. Looks retarded because it doesn't have side-skirts... and it's got that huge tire/fender gap. But the front end actually looks pretty good.

posted by  Bino

That is a huge disgrace to eclipse fans worldwide. :banghead:

posted by  Spanky2324

so i just talked to the guy and he says he will give it for 4k. Um i am going to drive it today and hopefully get a carfax on it.

posted by  V-Tec

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