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Hey, Im looking for a good import that I could get for under 4K. I know it will probably be an older one, but what are some cars I should look at? I plan on adding aftermarket parts to it eventually, so it would be nice to have a good starter car. A couple ideas would be great :) Thanks

posted by  insanity500

I suggest that you look into these 4 cars: -
1. Honda Civic VTi three-door hatchback Mk5
2. Nissan 200SX Mk1
3. Nissan 300ZX Mk1
4. Toyota Supra Mk2

The list above is based on the assumption that you want something sporty.

It all depends on whether you have a preference for VVT, a V6, RWD, forced induction, a coupe, an import that's as new as possible that fits your budget etc.
All four cars should at least be reliable for their age.

More precise questions and appreciation shown from you will equal more help from us.

posted by  snoopewite

Thanks for the ideas. Im trying to get all the ideas I can, so any input would be great. Im looking for a car thats at least a little sporty. I would like to stick away from civics. Ive owned one, and it was a great car. I just want a little bit of a change. Something under 4k, I live in Maryland. Also, something that will have room to upgrade later on. Ive been looking into Nissan's 240SX, and the older model supras. Any other ideas would be great. Thanks!

posted by  insanity500

You're welcome, but how is the fact that you live in Maryland relevant?

Here's is the new list: -
1. 240SX (Mk1?)
2. Supra Mk2
3. 300ZX Mk1
4. 200SX Mk1

Is that right or are we crossing off 3 and 4? In this forum I've started my own thread on the 240SX, so if you're learning about it then could you try and answer some of my questions in this topic Nissan 200SX Information Request ( You could also look into an old Toyota Celica or MR2 but I'd prefer a Nissan 'SX.

posted by  snoopewite

Weather possibly?

posted by  BavarianWheels

SilEighty's are pretty cool (180sx). If older is what you're looking for you MIGHT wanna look into a Trueno (86 toyota corolla)
thats a pic of one. Ive heard that they're hard to find and that a good swap is the 4gs3 or something like that (I have no clue about that). So i've heard that Trueno's are awsome drifting cars :hi:
b.t.w. mazda6man im borrowing your sig :mrgreen:

posted by  jzxTT

this isnt japan its a corolla here.......
The 300zx TT are real nice cars but they be expensive and ive heard when timing belts break bad things happen. Maybe a first gen 300zx turbo?

posted by  Arthur

Who said anything about a later 300ZX?
Yes, when timing belts break, bad things do happen.
A first generation 300ZX has already been mentioned.

posted by  snoopewite

:finger: You're welcome insanity500 :soul:

posted by  snoopewite

I would suggest looking into an integra. Living in Maryland you might have to deal with a moderate amount of snow and rain in the winter and spring time, and front wheel drives is nice on snow. I myeself own an Integra(duh) and I think its a damn good car for driving, and for tuning, the GS-R, and LS engines are strong and quick.

One thing about 300zx+200sx, if they are the turbo'd versions, I wouldnt even consider buying one. In my oppinion, and personal observation, those cars are great if you can replace everything right off the bat, but the high mileage turbo engines are prone to kaput. (My best friends brother bought a Turbo 200sx that crapped out in about a month at 8X,xxx Miles).

posted by  Integra_LS

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