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I'm gonna get a new car as a graduation present from college and I'm just in need of some advice. My budget is around 25k total, tax n everything. What I currently have in mind is a Mazda 6, Altima, Accord, or Camry, in the order of what I really want most. But I've just heard some stuff that Nissan has unreliable engines and stuff liek that, similar with Mazda. Can you guys drop some advice or info bout them? Or have some recommendations for other cars? Bear in mind I am more into the Asian import cars than American muscle juss for economical reasons. Thanks~

posted by  sl-velocity

nissan unreliable? pffft......

check and look for each of their official sites for detailed info.

mazda just tends to bullshit people with the power on their engines (im upset at mazda). also, ive noticed that mazda has been charging extra lately for everything.....

nissan.... great company. if only they would stop using the same engine in everything :thumbs:

toyota, always been great. though, the camry would be the boring and dull one out of the selection you gave us.....

and honda..... i just dont like hondas.....

posted by  Inygknok

w/ a 25K budget why notgo 4 something a little flashier? :hi: u should give us more of a guideline so we can see exacty wat u want, or if it' only between those cars I would say not get any, just 'cause they're all boring. Maybe U should look into slightly used SupraTT's? :mrgreen:

posted by  Slapshot

slightly used MKIV supra TT's go for more than $15,000..... if they are cheaper, they tend to need a lot of work so they can be driven fine....

MKIII's had a twin turbo engine, not as reliable as the 7m's or the new 2jz's, but still pretty good. too peaky as well in my opinion.

posted by  Inygknok

If it's set between those definatley get the Accord. If you can the 6spd sedan is REAL nice for 2006. Deifnatley better than the 6, Altima or Camry. And if you want to about Honda's reliability hear what you hear (obviously good) and my Accord personally has 226,000 miles on it. Never had a single problem.

posted by  thunderbird1100

ya i mean with 25 k u can get like slightly used STI/EVO Thats what i would do :2cents:

posted by  V-Tec

Mmm evo's :drool:

posted by  C c C

:ticking: 25K... not bad son... well the nissan will mos def look the best...

toyota will last the longest... but i'm assuming your lik 21-23 here... not quite yet tha family man, but new cam's are OK- wait till 06MY change and there will be a new V6 , 5-spd, sporty version of the cam

honda-- the accord is alright... 244hp for the 06... but the design is still soft ... you would have to mod it to still be a man :laughing:

mazda>!? .. well let me say they are owned by Ford.... and i'm goin to leave it at that- dont let the bull Rotary engine sway you...
now they are ok- a 6... not a bad sporty sedan-- the 8 it looks tight... but if you want a sports car go with nissan-- trust me this cat carlos ghosn has turned their company around

posted by  cL300zx

Yah, trust me I'd LOVE an STI or Evo, but it's really not my choice as my dad holds the checkbook :( I really want the altima just cuz it looks the best outta the bunch, but when reliability and longevity comes into play it just doesnt seem to win against honda or toyota. I'm trying to do a lil research on Nissan and seeing if I can sway my dad's mind into gettin an altima.. :)

Thx for all the responses guys!

posted by  sl-velocity

If you were talking Euro Specced cars, I'd go for the Accord, as it's generally better built than the US version (looks better, too!). As you're not though (pressumably), I think I'd either choose the Mazda6 or something completelly different. Generally though, all modern vehicles are built to a high standard and should withstand most of what you throw at them :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

I agree with cliffy, modern cars are built to handle more, and mazda6's are too shabby :mrgreen:

posted by  C c C

you can get an 03 saleen mustang for less than that. if you wanna stay import then you really should get a 300zx. those are some sweet cars. you could put a lot into that zx for 25k. but all i know about cars is what ive read, i dont really have 1st hand experience.

posted by  bebopin64

Get a used Mercedes benz clk, used BMW 3-series, or mabye a used infiniti G35. I dunno if your 25k is in usd or not.

posted by  n00dle

I would suggest the Mazda 6. As for Nissan, Ive seen some good stuff from them, and most of their cars are reliable. However they do have a few that are troublesome. Mazdas are very reliable, same with Hondas even though everyone and their mother has a Honda. I wouldnt suggest a Honda because everyone drives one. Get something different. How about an RX-7? Or possibly a Supra?

posted by  SlipKnoT

Just like to note the Accord V6 pulls better handling numbers and acceleration numbers than the Mazda 6s, USDM or not.

Like to also note while the MAzda 6 is a nice car, very good appearance. IT still has a very boring Ford duratec V6 in it.

posted by  thunderbird1100

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