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Could someone please tell me about the Nissan 240SX? I'd mainly like to know how many generations there are and what years they cover, what engines they have and roughly how the specifications differ? If I type "Mk1 Nissan 240SX" into "Google" then it brings up sites that include a newer 240SX along with a "Ford Cortina Mk1" or a "Toyota MR2 Mk1" :banghead: There's obviously plenty of other sites that "Google" selects that are useless to me e.g Japanese Car Parts, Bodykits For Nissans, "Johnny's 7000bhp V12 240SX Homepage" etc :banghead: I did stumble upon a site that told me some performance statistics but do all 240SXs have 2.4 16v, (hence the "240", yeah I know) naturally aspirated engines or do some have single turbochargers? Is the 240SX still being built? What I don't get is why it was needed when there was already the 200SX and the 300ZX, or is it a naturally aspirated/turbocharged thing :umh: I ask about specification levels because some sites have mentioned types of 240SX like a "3dr hatchback SE"; to me it makes it sound more like it's in the same class as a Honda Civic than a sports coupe like a 200SX.

posted by  snoopewite

Nissan 240SX, could you help me in this thread at all? I'd really appreciate some information.

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posted by  Vassar

Oh...I almost killed that link...but it was in the form of an answer... :ticking:

posted by  BavarianWheels

Hi snoopewite..I dont believe it's still in production infact I think Nissan stopped making it in '98 by that time it was a much larger car and IMHO a better one at that, it was always fitted with RWD and I also think it was a Turbo charged car and not N/A although this could be wrong, I hope this has helped ya! I think the 240SX was the same car bar the engine as the 200SX but I guess you already know that right? was this not also known as the Silvia in Japan? Oh and the 200 series is a much different car to the 300 series the main aspect being power..the 300ZX had more of it :thumbs:

PS, dont knock Cortinas..classic cars they are lol :mrgreen:

posted by  Cliffy
hopefully that helps. That sire has info on different 240sx engine swaps. These guys have swapped all sr20det's (S13 S14 S15).(the sr20det is an import engine and WELL worth having if you own a 240sx, to hell with the Ka[opinion])
The S13 i beileve is an older 240sx with flip-up head lights, the S14's are the models without flip-up head lights (94-98).(I might be wrong with this one so dont quote me) The S15 model (BADASS!!) was 99-up in japan. Nissan stopped production of the 240sx in 1998, i dont know why though. I think that the S13 14 and 15 are all different as far as horsepower. I know the S15 sr20 has ~250hp stock!! Thats incredible for a 4cyl engine. If i were you i would definently look into a 240sx, 240's are awsome cars and easy to tune (dont quote me on that either). To this day if I run across one for sale I WILL buy it... but I love my Z soo much :drool: . But i dought it, Ive see very few 94-98 around.
p.s. theres also the 180sx (SilEighty) when modded they do look pretty badass :thumbs:

posted by  jzxTT

I had my suspicions.

I don't know :roll: This topic isn't exactly straight forward is it? It's no wonder that nobody touched this straight away. At least I think that I now understand why the Americans in here recommend 240SXs to people while I've been recommending 200SXs.

I know the difference between the 200SX and the 300ZX but what I was saying is that I see no reason for an in-between car. The 240SX isn’t actually an in-between car though because it’s just a variation of a 200SX. Cliffy, do you ever feel out of it amongst these other lads when they're talking about Mitsubishi Acuras, Shelby Jupiters, Hemi Rattlesnakes etc?

I wasn’t knocking Cortinas, I was just giving examples of how I was getting search results that weren’t relevant (apart from the Mk1) to what I was looking for. I've not got a problem with old Fords :wink2:

Thanks for the help Cliffy.

jzxTT, I might have problems finding a 240SX :PP I just wanted some insight you see. The information that you told me definitely helped. The link was also interesting, especially the costs of engines and installations.

Vassar, thanks for the link to that site that's dedicated to the Silvia, 200SX, 180SX and 240SX.

The help is much appreciated you three :banana: :banana: :banana:

posted by  snoopewite

No problem :thumbs: . The Silvia and the 240sx are the same car, one has lhd and one has rhd, and one has the KA and one has the SR. So when someone says a silvia is better they're basically saying lhd and/or the sr20 is better. l.jpg
theres a pic of my friends sweet 1989 240 :drool:
he won it on ebay then modded the Sh!t out of it. You should look on ebay for a 240, thats the only good place to buy one if you like shopping on ebay.

posted by  jzxTT

No probs snoope, always glad to TRY and help :thumbs:, Yes, I do feel left out when these guys talk about Acura's, Hemi's etc..I dont have a clue about US cars and I think the last time I saw an Eclipse was in August of '99 or on Gran Turismo 2 lol..I jump for joy when I see people asking for help UK spec cars in the 'Repairs' section :banghead: . I know you weren't knocking Cortinas, I was just kiddin' lol...they're quality cars especially the old MK5's :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

If you plan on modding, and want solid performance, you wont be dissapointed in an sr20 powered 240sx. :thumbs:

posted by  jzxTT

I also wonder if these Americans appreciate how many older cars they have, while we Brits hardly ever see classic cars from the '70s or even '80s in pristine condition on our roads... there was a mint Cortina that I used to see not far away from where I used to work though.

Thanks again. I'm a lot happier with what I know on this subject now. I was never planning on buying a 240SX although I do like it.

posted by  snoopewite

I know what you mean, I remember back in about 1990 or something, there was a Mk5 Cortina on every street corner...especially on council estates lol and all '80's cars over here now seem to be rust buckets can you imagine having a late 60's early 70's car over here in mint condition (Like they have in the states) without being restored? it wouldn't happen lol. One of my car's is an '86 Toyota Corolla with 50,000miles on the clock and I think it's the cleanest 80's car I've ever seen......Bring back the 80's!!!

posted by  Cliffy

I have a '93 Nissan 240SX SE. Here's a photo I took of mine:

posted by  CypherXero

Nice car CypherXero. What's with the paint at the front? Are you going to swap the wheels or leave them as they are?

posted by  snoopewite

Do we have any advance on 6 posts from CypherXero or is he going, going, gone :soul:

posted by  snoopewite

Gone..the youth of today huh... :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

the nissan 240 sx came in 2 variations in the us the s-13 and s14.
s 13=89-94 the s14=95-98 in 1999 nissan came out with the badass s_15. unfortunately it never came to the u.s. many people put the front end of the s15 on their s13s and s14s.
hope that answers your question.

posted by  teamnemesis240

Few things for you Snoopewite;

In England and Europe, Nissan called the S-13/14s the 200sx

As far as I know the 200sx came with either the CA18DET or the SR20DET

So you will not have to do any swapping. The 240SX is the same car as the European 200sx (LHD) but we got the 2.4 litre KA24E/DE. many Americans will swap the KA for the SR.

The 200SX is a good car has near 50/50 weight balance. It is rear wheel drive with later models coming with Limited Slip Differentials.

Due to the increasing popularity of Drifting in both Japan and the US the 240SX (or 180SX in Japan, 200SX in Eng) is becoming a much sought after car.

One of my favorite forums for the 200/240SX (

You can find a lot more information there.

The Silvia is an old name in Japan it is the name for the 2 door coupe version of the S-13. It was also the same name given to the S-14 chassis.

posted by  Enan

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