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Hi, I am going to buy a early supra from the 1990's its around there not sure of the year yet because the owner was not there at the time of the sale. Anyways, let me know if this would be a good deal. The guy told me that it runs but he cannot start it for me because the starter is bad, he also couldent tell me the milage because he didint know and it says 56,000 miles on the mile meter. I am not sure if thats true. I dont know but this sounds a little wierd to me that he doesent knwo the mileage or he cannot start it for me. Other than that he says it ran like 2 weeks ago. It is stock and automatic. Also is it really worth buying an automatic supra? He says he wants 1500 dollars for it. The body looks fine and the inside is also fine. The guy also said there is no leaks in the engine. Because i am not sure how old the engine is i am going to buy a compression meter and see how much compression the engine has. Does anyone know how much compression there should be? how much until i shouldent buy the car anymore. Thanks!

posted by  Kris



Its not worth it buying any automatic car.


I wouldnt buy it. Sounds like this guy is a douche.

posted by  Oomba

ignora oomba..... he's like that.....

anyhow, how early of the 90's? like mine? or the MKIV model? mine came from 87-92 (left over 92 supras were sold later in 93)

u can look around these forums for info on automatics. autos can be good as long as they are built strong from factory (i will admit, some auto trannies in the industry suck). anyhow, the auto on the mk3 supras are very good. maybe not the best in the world and not as good as the 5 speed manual r154, but still good. u can just buy a shifter for it. if not, i know ppl who can sell u the 5 speed in the states for quite a low price (for what it is).

my car doesnt mark on the odometer either, so i dont know its actual mileage either.

as for leaks and such in the engine, you better get under that hood and check yourself. also, taking a compression gauge with you is an excellent idea..... if only you could start it. check the fuses (both boxes, the one inside the engine and the one somewhere beneath the steering wheel). these supras just tend to break the head gaskets (factory one at least). its a pretty crap gasket. if its not broken, then the car SHOULD be fine.

if the engine is fine and you manage to turn it on, then $1,500 is a great deal.

PS: dont forget to ask if he has crashed it. also, knock on the body panels to see if he has bondo'd it.

posted by  Inygknok

Hi yes it is exactly like yours, it is the 89 and it has the detachable t top across the whole roof just like on your supra. Does anyone know how much compression should be on the compression guage and how to check if the head gasket is broken?

posted by  Kris

definately don't buy it till you know it runs, I would forget it anyway considering it's auto, why did toyota make them? but if you don't mind the auto, go ahead. :2cents:

posted by  jedimario

ive seen these cars with autos moving a lot quicker than wat ppl think....

anyhow, i promise that tomorrow i will give u the exact specs on the compression ratio. ill try tonight if a friend of mine decides to hang out. i have the haynes manual at home.

posted by  Inygknok

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