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hey guys, ive been looking for some cheap racing seats and found a few on ebay, just wana know what you guys think would be better for these, i don't want to spend much on them, but anyhow heres a few i looked at 3-02-01-00_W0QQitemZ8005541612QQcategoryZ33701QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem LE-SEATS_W0QQitemZ8005858915QQcategoryZ33701QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem ustang_W0QQitemZ8006280865QQcategoryZ33701QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

the third one looks sorta like the newer celica seats in a way, i rode in one of them and it felt very comfortable to me but thats just my opinion, want you guys opinions though, thanks

posted by  dsmracersv98

the first set of seats looks the best and the most comfortable

posted by  mx3_monster

and why again do you want these. my friend wanted them in his 99 altima but i told him it was dumb. what car do you have. in my op they are just a big waste of money.

posted by  6000LE

judging by his name i belive it is a 98 eclipse they are nice looking seats but they do nothing at all i personally like the stock eclipse seats just get some performance parts

posted by  mx3_monster

well i don't think they are a big wate of money i mean peopl ehaev opinions som emight say that your neons are a bif wate of money. I personally like the way they look. I mean he didn't ask if u guys like racing seats he asked which one you liked the best

posted by  V-Tec

the first set look nice and snug- i also like the last set in the red color- if red matches your car.... an eclipse is str8, IMO i think the seats would be a good addition to tha ride

posted by  cL300zx

Here is a link to some racing seats that I have had nothing but the best reviews on. They have been reported very comfortable and the company that manufactures them Yonaka Motorsports is getting a reputation for quality over quantity in their products which is rare these days due to the "fast n furious" explotion that made companies like APC push mass products that break in one week of use. Let me know what you think and for anyone that mentions they got the link from Car Forums I will get the seats out for less than is listed.

posted by  Estioko

i dont have the neons anymore. and when i got them i paid $50. i can get no performance upgrades or anytihng else for that much. however for the price of racing seats, there are quite a few other options.

posted by  6000LE

the stock eclipse seats look like somthing from a kids store, my seats also have little holes in them and look really dirty, I just want something more comfortable ya know? im getting some performance parts too but im not into racing like that

posted by  dsmracersv98

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