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Hey all,
I have a black honda civic 02 ex. at some point a couple years ago some drunk guy (must have had a really FAT ass) fell on it or something while my brother was driving around. so its got these two dents in the hood. They're not that bad, but I know if i ever want this car to look good again thats the first thing to fix. Anyways, I was considering getting a carbon fiber hood (an aftermarket carbon fiber hood would cost less than a new OEM painted one, which would be about 700 dollars according to my local collision center). Is VIS a good brand to buy? I definitely want something quality not shitty ebay stuff.


posted by  desidriv3r

I'd go for the carbon fibre hood, but you have to be very careful with them, because from what I've understood they scratch pretty easy, and sunlight causes them to fade...Also you need hood pins to hold it down, if I'm not mistaken...

I can't see how it would be cheaper, but don't forget to put stuff under that hood...

BTW Ebay isn't always sh!t, if you know what you're buying. :thumbs:

posted by  chris_knows

the guy at the body shop said around 600-700 dollars for the new hood. he said it has to be replaced, repair isnt possible. verse 300-400 for a CF hood. the hood pins are coz its so damn light right? any opinion on carbon fiber on a black car?

not dissing on ebay, I love it, i buy ebay a lot. but I mean I want to get a quality brand not something generic. I looked at VIS and they look like a reputable company.

posted by  desidriv3r

i have a C.F. hood, and yes it does fade, on the bends. scratch wise. nothing u cant polish out..and not all need to be pinned down. just depends on how fast ur going :hi: i have gone 130+ and never had hood issues, but u never know, alway good to be on the safe side

posted by  C c C

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