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I've seen a few 'Almighty' Emblems out there for the S14 ('95) and i was woundering what are different about these than a silvia.
Also, whats the diff between the Q's, K's, adn J's ?? adn the K's front emblem?? Im very confused. :ohcrap:
heres a link: 698&osCsid=19e7d817b8a1cd0fce256a89581fdbfd

posted by  cnalven

K - King

Q - Queen

J - Jack

These are just different model types with different extras, not exactly sure of the differences but I know one of them is HICAS.

This might help:

Silvia/180sx specs table (

posted by  GreekWarrior

Thanks of the help but it didnt say anything about teh 'Almighty' silvia's or 240sx's.

posted by  cnalven

Well I know there's a special edition called A's (Ace), they didn't make very many but like the others there's nothing to special about it, just another model in the series.

posted by  GreekWarrior

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