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i have an 03 galant piece of shit. im still in high school and my dad told me that on 2 years if i dont crash my car he will buy me a new nice one but i was thinking that instead of that i could have him put a lot of money into this one. what do you think?

posted by  bebopin64

well my mom had a 90 galant for 13 years, and it didnt break down alot at all, not much maintenace required and very reliable. its a quik littl e car too if u get the 5spd man. and if thats the 03 model i dont know how it could be a peice of shit, so id say invest on it, its a good car.

PS: if u think its a piece of shit why would u want to have ur dad put all his money into it, if u think its a piece of shit why wouldn't u want anew car?

posted by  Stem

Thats a pretty good car for your first one. I wont get anything NEAR that new. But in my opinion, wait for something better if your dad is willing to get a nicer one gor you. How about a 2003 Mustang Mach 1? :hi:

posted by  SlipKnoT

well the galant isnt really a piece of shit but compared to everything around me it is. my mom drives a mercedes and my dad has a suburban with a $3000 sound system int it, and everyone at my school has either a BMw or better. i would rather have a galant that is faster then everyone elses BMw because it would stand out better but it might not be possible so im looking deeper in the matter in my free time. my first step though is to get lowering springs and body kits. i am trying to convince my parents that they improve safety by decreasing lift. if anyone has any ideas for selling points on that i would like to hear them.

posted by  bebopin64

Ok so basically you want to rice your car huh? Well I got you covered.

Heres a full body kit by Erebuni for $963 (http://www.andysautosport.com/product/detail?_p=EREB00059568&_v=vmd00303)
Erebuni paintable wing for $329 (http://www.andysautosport.com/product/detail?_p=EREB00056235&_v=vmd00303)
An Arospeed muffler for $181.46 (http://www.andysautosport.com/product/detail?_p=AROS00014957&_v=vmd00303)

You can pick the rims.

posted by  SlipKnoT

i dont want to rice it but i do like the way lowered cars look and body kits look. but performance is my main aim and it is also more expensive. the only way i can get anything out of my parents is if i convince them that it increases safety. id be hard pressed to convince them that 350 hp is safer than 130.

posted by  bebopin64

I seriously would wait for a better car. The one you have is nice enough, and people aren't really all that worried about it as you may think. Wait for a better one.

posted by  hondaman

i think your right, but i would still like to lower the car so how do you think i should go about convincing my parents that lowering it increases safety? what kind of car should i shoot for, i always liked the nissan 300zx, and there are some really nice ones out there. also maybe a saleen mustang.

posted by  bebopin64

I don't think that you will be able to convince them that...but tell them the truth in that if it is done properly there should be no harm done to the overall safety of the car.

I would find out just how much he is willing to give...without being direct. Hint to him which cars you would really like to get and judge his reaction.

posted by  hondaman

What do you mean by a nice car? I think the Galat is fine....but if you don't, it's I won't stop you.

Honestly, I don't think there is a way to convince your parents that horsepower mods are better for safety...If they don't know cars too well, just tell them it improves mileage...

posted by  chris_knows

well i am trying to convince them that a lowered suspension is safer because it decreases lift (i think it is true). my dads pretty smart and the best way to get his price limits is to downright ask him. he isnt going to spend more than 20k,, which is not a small amount or anything. im not going to even atempt to have my dad upgrade my engine because its hopeless to try, but he is only gonna buy me a new car if he believes im a safe driver, which means not crashing my car. like i said, i know that this galant is by no means a POS i just talk about things relatively to my surroundings, and i go to some preppy private school where everyone (except me) drives beamers and corvettes.

posted by  bebopin64

Drive it, don't wreck it, and then have your dad get you a better car.

posted by  nsupra27

ive been looking around and i think i can get a ferrari mondial or 308 for 20k. i hope insurance isnt too high on those cars otherwise i might be driving a ferrari in a couple years. but anyway for now i want to do a little for this galant. do you think if i put on an ebay cold air intake, ebay exhast, and one of those turbonater things i could squeeze another 10-15 hp out of my car?

posted by  bebopin64


I ordered the top one and I'm getting it installed right now. It should add around 160 HP, bringing my galant to 310 hp. Once its in (tomarrow) I'll let you know (if i remember, probably not.) But yeah- don't get the turbonator or the air intake if you're going to get this kit, since it comes with an intake and that turbonator is crap.

And with this you'd easily outrun any beamer or vette. It also improves gas mileage (not really, but you can say it does to your dad), makes passing other cars on the highway safer (since you can pass them quickly, avoiding head-on collisions), and makes your car quieter since you get more power at lower rpms (if you get an exhaust upgrade thats a plus)

posted by  Sagegoku666

if you just wait two years, dont wreck it, you can get a TT 300ZX for less than 15k, and get him to guive you the rest of the budget (5k) to do mods to it(Stage kits/Upgrade kits) and u can get more than 400 out of it

ps; learned earlier that the 2nd gen makes more hp, so prolly get a 92 or 93 up

posted by  ride3k

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