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I've been interested in drifting. I was wondering if anyone knew exactly how to drift. I was at this one website that helped a little but not a lot. Im not talking about a handbrake drift thought. As far as i know you only use your handbrake in a drift to position it better ( like if your not sliding at the right angle). But how do you get into a drift?? Do you just stomp the brake real quick and then quickly floor it?? going into the turn would i be shifting to a lower gear or a higher?? I dont get it .... how does your car start drifting? And while in a drift what do you do to maintain the drift? is the clutch in or out? help!
p.s. i have a 400rwhp 300zx twinturbo. should i look into dampers or coilovers??

posted by  jzxTT

go to ebay, and buy the drift bible... itle tell you most anything youle need to know about drifting. and if you want to, download/ or buy some "video option" movies. and just watch how its done

posted by  mazda6man

will do, thanks :thumbs: . But if anyone has any info please do share.

posted by  jzxTT

Here are a couple of good sites:

Also, I noticed that you mentioned that you have a nice 300ZX that you plan to drift. I would like to suggest a car that you do not hear of often when talking about drifting. Since a good drifting car is a light, front engine, RWD vehicle, preferable with tons of power, then the old 240Z would make for an awesome drifter. They are cheap, so you wouldn't be devastated if you dented it, they only weigh 2200 lbs, and most of them already have the 280ZX motor in them (extremly common).

I have had several 240Z's and they are naturally loose in the goose. You would have no problem gettin' her loose.

Just some food for thought.

posted by  Z-man_Dan

Z-man.. ur the shit :thumbs:

posted by  jzxTT

how do you drift? On a closed track.

posted by  Arthur

Since you have RWD drifting can be done ALOT easier than using the e-brake. Leave that to pulling 180*'s :laughing: and the FWD crowd. Come into a corner, bump the brake, downshift, nail the gas, dump the clutch. Practice in a big empty parking lot or a closed course. If you wanna get real serious about it look into getting a spool or a TIGHT LSD. . .


posted by  Hoxviii

also look into suspesion setups specifically for drifting.. i.e stiff front and soft rear suspension, also note that the tyres should be harder at the front and softer rear to enable the car to get the back-end to stay out for longer...

posted by  R34RB30DETTV

also be sure that you have replacement part money available... if youre running with stock parts, they like to give out sometimes...
but one this i would advise, for the beginning drifters (such as myself(ive just done a lot of research)) start with the ebrake, then work on getting into the corner and giving it all the gas you can to try and get sideways. after that, you can try the feint drift,before hitting the corner, slightly turn the other way with out the accellerator, then steer back and floor the gas... this should probably get the car to turn sideways, from there on out, just countersteer, and give it enough gas to keep the drift, and not loopout.

i got all that from the "Best Motoring - Drift Bible"

posted by  mazda6man

to be completely honest, power is really not much of a necessity in drifting, n thats the truth. yea sure, some extra power would be handy, just dont need to overdo it. suspension and reliability r the most important things, n here is why. when drifting, u need to shift the weight of the car to the front, then u downshift, not upshift, since u need the car to give as much power as possible during a drift, or atleast enough to keep itself pushing throughout the turn. in every case, the car just needs to keep revving itself pretty high, so the internals r very important. also, u step on teh gas to come out of the turn, not during the turn. while in the turn, u just need to maintain a stable speed, or as close to it as possible. if u need to angle urself to take the corner a bit tighter, then u brake lightly, like a short tap. and if u need to angle urself not to take the corner tightly, then u step on the gas a bit more. all in all, its all about the proper countersteering and patience and being very tacht (sp?), u just cant go punching the gas and brakes when drifting, u have to be quite gentle.

posted by  Inygknok

Well, there's thread revival for you! :banghead:

Anyways, I can asure you, I'd rather have power than desent suspension!....surely the turquoise bit I quoted you on is a slight controdiction too?

posted by  Cliffy

as much power as possible meaning to drag itself around the turn, preferrably its own maximum power or as close to it as needed, not 900rwhp to overspin the hell out of itself throughout the turn. if u check how much power the really good drifters have their cars producing, u will see that they are actually quite moderate and normal, not big power figures found. most of the big power drifting cars are either for show use, like in the D1 competition when they go around n just burn their tires till they run on their rims like the RS-R team does at the end sometimes. thats wat i meant with that phrase.

posted by  Inygknok

id rather have suspension... all i need is 120 ponies and im good (remember im in a light car)

posted by  mazda6man

300zx is an easy car to drift. It has a wide body, low center of G, and light rear end with plenty of power. I feel jelous because my 91' 300zx dosn't have turbos....yet. Even though i can drift it pretty good in a parking lot with regular performance tires, slick are way expensive. I just like to play here and there. I can break it loose by just tapping the throttle going around the corner most of the time.

posted by  decap66

Correct me if i'm wrong but a EVO VII would be really easy/fun to drift due to it's AYC? :mrgreen: :hi: :orglaugh: :thumbs:

posted by  R34RB30DETTV

well, il correct you. since evos are AWD, its kind of hard to get the tail to whip out around you... why? well, the reason RWD cars drift (apart from cars pulling ebrakes) is because the back wheels spin faster than the front, and there is a little bit of weght transfer. if all the wheels are spinning at the same time its kind of hard to make it drift. thats why most of the time when you see an AWD car drifting its usually called a powerslide

posted by  mazda6man

Depends on your skill. I asure you, a AWD car can drift. You cannot just call it "powerslide". It is just that you cant do all the drifts. But, you can do most of them. Actually, alot of AWD cars are popping up here and there at drift conventions. And AWD cars are actually better in drifting in some ways, it is harder, but the exit speeds are better. The main difference is instead of letting go of the gas and adjust position and speed with braking then gasing when you are facing the right direction, you use the gas more in an AWD. You have to power through, because if you let go of the gas, you let the front wheels grip the road again and then you car rights itself. You have to spin them to keep the lack of traction to carry out the drift. And that is one of the reasons why the exit speeds of an AWD is better.

I think a 300zx isnt ideal for drifting, because it is a very heavy car. Go with the 240sx, and if you are serious get a SR20DET transplant into the 240. But get the ones after 1996, because the previous versions' balance of weight isnt as ideal as the 240's. The 240 has good weight balance, and is easy to throw into turns. Or get yourself a DOHC corolla GTS or a.k.a trueno. If you can drift in one of those, you can drift in any RWD car. Or get a RX-7 FD or FC, either one of them is good for drifting as well. But then you have to deal with the problematic and expensive maintainence of the rotary engine.

Anyways, thats my :2cents:

posted by  aerith

Do you even know what AYC is? Didn't think so.... Have you even driven an AWD car at speed? Oh, a no to that too... :doh:

Yeah, you have to unsettle the car before the turn and power into the corner side-ways using the throttle to place the car where you want it.. :hi:

LOL.. No point in giving jzxTT advice.. he hasn't been active in months..! :screwy: :thumbs:

posted by  R34RB30DETTV

lol, i did not notice that he hasn't been active. hahah
Yeah, if you can get a Evo with the ACD, it is pretty scary! Ive seen one at a drift convention, but i do not think that driver was that familiar with teh Evo. He was exiting pretty roughly and slowly. One tire slipped off the track, kinda sloppy. Not that i could do better, but was not as impressive as the others :D Anyways, the D1 Drifting Circut is coming here to Vancouver in August i think, the drift king Keiichi Tsuchiya might be making an appearance, and show us his godly drifting skills ;) *drools*

posted by  aerith

Scary? I like scary.. Thats why i do motocross...! Yeah, if you change the AYC to snow mode the back end breaks lose nice and easily and it will drift with ALOT of control.. :mrgreen:

posted by  R34RB30DETTV

well, either way i cant get one with ACD. In North America we are unfortunate enough to lose the ACD. Instead we get Viscious coupling in the front and rear mechanical LSD in the Evolution, and front and rear LSD in the Evolution RS. And we do not have the 280hp version, we have 271, which is quite sad. But the rest should be the same, i think the only other difference is we have the wider Recaro Bucket Seats and a Twin Scroll Turbo instead of the Titanium turbo.

posted by  aerith

AYC is that like "active yaw control? im sure, but ive heard that word before and im curious to hear what it is. so you think you could explain? and yes i have driven an AWD car before. ive only driven one before... it was a 91 galant VR4, one nice, FAST ride (4G63)

posted by  mazda6man

LOL.. Wide seats.. :orglaugh: Yeah, we have a 280bhp version, a 300 bhp version, a 330 bhp version, a 339 bhp version and now a 400 bhp version with roumors of a 500 bhp to come... :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Had a 4G63 Engine? Niiiice...! Well, i can assure you i know what active yaw control and the ACD are however i cannot be bothered to type it out so here is a link or two..

Anyway, if you switch to snow mode about 80/90% of the torque goes to the rear wheels and so oversteer can be induced nicely, however if things get out of shape the front wheels can still pull you out of trouble.. :hi:

If you need more info i'm sure your more than capable of looking it up... :thumbs:

posted by  R34RB30DETTV

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