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What up everyone? I am knew to the forum and wanted to introduce. I am a 24yr male who likes to tune imports. Like to show but they must hane go!

I just bought a '06 Toyota Scion TC and want to install a new exhaust. I was wondering who you guys think makes the best cat-backs (in terms of HP gains and sound)???

posted by  hawgs74

TRD is great from what I hear. Plus the parts are guaranteed to fit. Borla, 5Zigen, and Apexi are good from my view. Others may say different. Just gota take peoples opinions, and go with your gut i suppose.

posted by  6000LE

Greddy also has some good exhausts like the EVo 2

posted by  V-Tec

hks, lukey and magnaflow.

posted by  HyundaGuy

Borla, Magnaflow, HKS, APEXi

posted by  Accord_Man

Magnaflow or borla is def the way to go. I think magnaflow has a tc on their site that you can listen to how it sounds reving, accelerating, or passing :thumbs:

posted by  GonnaDie4TheGov

an exhaust is an exhaust. The only difference is the muffler and pipe size. It would be alot cheaper to take your car to an exhaust shop and have them custom bend a cat back exhaust and find a muffler that you like.

posted by  bigdaveangell

Yep, thats what I plan on doing. The guy said it'll cost me 225 instead of like 500 or more for a brand name exhaust.

posted by  Vlad

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