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Vtec.net just did a cool test of belting a new Ridgeline and RL around an SCCA Autocross event at Turner Field in Atlanta. Autocrossing a Ridgeline must take some balls...

Cool videos.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Wow, a pickup in an autocross, i didn't believe it until i watched the video. If only Honda gave the ridgeline a V8 or a IMAV6, then it would be able to compete with the big boys. The ridgeline just dwarfs alot of the trucks in its segment. Its a big truck, it hardly can be called mid sized, the Nissan Frontier looks tiny in comparison. Its just the lack of power holding it back. It has better versatility, and handling, but the styling is a bit ugly.

posted by  aerith

I like in the video how one guy was like "you cant autocross a truck!" Then they let him drive it and was like "that is no truck, it's a car!" And let them test it :thumbs:

Shows that every truck (well SUT) has to be JUST body on frame but also unibody too.

I cant wait for the V10 in the NSX, so that way the RL and Ridgeline can get V8's. Or until then give both IMA V6's (Ridgeline with a good 300tq and the RL with a good 340hp).'

posted by  thunderbird1100

Hey fellas, listen... I'm gonna let the cat out of the bag. People have been autocrossing pick-up for years. This is not a new concept. Watching a Chevy SS454 go through the cones is a kick. Driving it through the cones is even better. Not to fast, but lots of yaw and smoke.

Not an SS454.

posted by  vwhobo

Oh shit he's back :mrgreen:

posted by  fudge

Yeah, but none of them handle like a ridgeline. Ive personally driven one, my uncle was buying a pickup; i test drove Titan, Frontier, Ram, Ridgeline, F150, Tundra, Tacoma, Silverado, and even a SRT ram. We spent a week looking, he had no freaking idea what he wanted, he just knew he wanted a pick-up, he finally settled on a Ridgeline since it was the easiest to drive and he never drove a pickup before. Alot of them had more oomph, but none of them handled as well. The SRT was at about the same level or better, but it was too expensive, gas guzzler, not as versatile as the other trucks, and it had a crappy bed. It really wasnt one of the options, but the salesman convinced us to try.

posted by  aerith

I wonder if they release a V8 Ridgeline, how long it would take for the local rednecks to switch from their Toyotas, Dodges, Chevys and Fords...

posted by  hondaman

Probaly a while. Most pickup owners are loyalists, they take great pride in their trucks. And will not tolerate you saying a Japanese newbie is better. I know, one of my friend's dad is like that. He almost kicked me out of the car. lol.

posted by  aerith

Bring your Ridgeline down to Redneck Hell and look around for a stock '95 Dakota with clearcoat peeling off of it and we'll go for a ride up to CMP. If you can keep up with me on the way to the track you might have a chance once we get there. Good luck.

posted by  vwhobo

Well, your a better driver then me no doubt, and probaly has driven pickups for long term. But you are comparing a stock 10 year old truck to one that has more power, a better AWD system, more torque/power, ABS, and VSA. Also, the Ridgeline boasts its one of a kind among pickups unibody construction. This along with the ladder frame makes it much more rigid then traditional pickups.

Also, the 95 dakota is so much smaller, it wouldn't be fair. It is also lighter, so it would be easier to throw around. You have less girth to watch out for, since the dakota is not as wide, long or tall as the Ridgeline. Therefore the Honda would have a higher centre of gravity, causing more roll.

Of course, if you are talking about traditional pick-up duty, the ridgeline won't be able to hold its own with a smaller bed and a V6 against its full sized rivals. It drives like an accord, versatility of a pickup and unrivaled comfort and ergonomics. It's a light pick-up, and thats it, it's not supposed to be used for work, but if Honda were to build a full sized pick-up, it may give its american and toyota couterparts a run for its money.

posted by  aerith

Really? In that case what is this?

And this?

And this?
http://memimage.cardomain.net/member_images/5/web/557000-557999/557514_3_fu ll.jpg

I could go on but I'm sure you're smart enough to get the point. Stop getting all your info from manufacturers advertising and your knowledge will become much more complete.

posted by  vwhobo

We had one of those in our backyard for a good while. It was an odd little thing...

posted by  hondaman

Those hardly qualify for pick up trucks. They are just cars with a bed on them. And aren't cars mostly unibody? I would like to see one of those tow 5000lbs or be able to haul half a tonne of load in its bed and see it go up a hill without rolling back down. They probaly handle as well or better then the Ridgeline too, well its because they are built on cars. Except for the middle one, that thing looks like a VW van pickup transvestite.

You think i learned of the unibody construction through the manufacturer? Hell, i didnt even take that into consideration when i recommended it, i thought it was a gimmick. I would like to see any of those 3 trucks go anywhere that ive taken the ridgeline through. With such minimal ground clearance; it wouldn't be able to make it past the first bump. I learned that the uni-body construction wasn't a gimmick the hard way; I took it into the back woods, after my uncle bought it. Ive driven other pick-ups in the backwoods(extremely bumpy roads with large potholes and ditches), and the more extreme pot holes or ditches cause the body to twist so much it creaks and you can literally hear and feel the truck twisting. In the Ridgeline i didnt hear or feel this phenomenon, maybe a bit but every truck is subjected to at least a bit of body twist in those conditions. The Ridgeline's frame/ body is at least 75% more rigid then other trucks out there.

Although you probaly have worked with cars your whole life, and driven your fair share of cars. Even in your infinite wisdom, no matter how well you know your cars; you cannot fairly judge a car/truck without driving it. If you haven't; i suggest you go test drive one. Then after you drive one, come back to me and say "It doesnt better then any other pick-up out there right now." Except the SRT, thats another class of pickups.

posted by  aerith

The Rabbit and Rampage will both carry 1000 lbs, the Single Cab will easily carry 1500. The load rating doesn't matter though as you only said pick-up trucks. And in keeping with the broadening of knowledge thing, the VW is not a "transvestite" but a real live, manufactured and sold for years around the world production vehicle.

As to your assumption that I have no experence with the Ridgeline, you could be more wrong but you'd have to try. As I'm very good friends with the owner of the local Honda dealer, he handed me the keys to one of the first in the state (area at least) and let me drive it for a long holiday weekend earlier this year. It sure is a sweet ride for a big car. It'll tow a decent sized boat but won't budge my wife's horse trailer, not even the small one. Can't even install a fifth wheel. Used it to haul a racecar one night and it was okay but not great. Plus, for such a big vehicle it has a tiny bed with a ridiculously high liftover height. On top of that I need a truck that can get dirty from throwing stuff in it, doing it's job and then hose it out. Leather and cut pile carpeting need not apply. It is supposed to be a truck after all.

Bottom line is that it's probably a great vehicle for someone who occasionally needs a truck to carry a sheet of plywood or a lawmower or more likely wants the "tough" image of driving a truck. And there is no doubt about Honda's quality, but it's still just a big car with an open trunk. And for what the Ridgeline costs I could buy a low mileage Accord and a 10 year old Dodge one ton which would give me a car for car work and a truck for truck work... And still have money left over to put a used 600F3 in the back of the truck to do motorcycle work.

One last thing. I'd like to see where you some data to show that the Honda "is at least 75% more rigid then other trucks out there". It's called torsional rigidity and I'll bet that compared to other trucks in it's class it's not eeven close to the top. I'll be happy to be proven wrong just so I can see the number.

posted by  vwhobo

Like, i said i agree with you the Ridgeline is not designed to do hard work. Its basically a powerful CR-V with a bed that can be used for light loads. ITs target audience is the people who are considering buying the Ford Exlporer-Sport Trac and other vehicles to that extent.

I didn't say the VW is not a production vehicle, im just saying its plain ugly. lol.

As for the torsional rigidty; i learned it from experience, all i can do is give you a review of the vehicle and quote the reviewer. Every review of the Ridgeline says its more rigid then the traditional pick-up but none of them go into detail like this review; http://www.4wheelpartsadventures.com/pastIssues/0502-issue/050206f-06-ridge line.html

http://www.4wheelpartsadventures.com/images/0502-feb/050206f-06-ridgeline/0 6photo07.jpg
Under these conditions; i didn't feel any body twist, or not enough for me to notice. Ive taken a F-150, Titan into these conditions; they groan and creak and twist.

posted by  aerith

It's more of a Pilot with a bed (Size and engine speaking), but is built unibody more like the CR-V.

posted by  thunderbird1100

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