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We don’t know where AutoExpress acquired this pic of the all-new Mitsubishi EVO X, but they pulled it out of somewhere and for all we know it could be legit. It bears a passing resemblance to the Mitsubishi Concept SportBack that will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show, however we wished it looked a little bit more like that car. AutoExpress reports that EVO X will have a new turbocharged 2.0L four-cylinder developing at least 320 horsepower, while a flagship model may even develop 400. 200hp/liter? Damn. Getting back to the design shown in this pic, it makes a nostalgic nod to past EVOs by sporting a flatter front end than the current model’s pointy schnoz. Whatever, it’s fun to look at a pic but we’re still more excited right now to see the Concept SportBack in person next month.

i got the photos from another website. i googled evo x concept and found this. g pg< br />
try to compete this with the 07 skyline.

posted by  Ki2AY

That's a damn sexy car there :drool: , and she runs fast too :hi:

posted by  chris_knows

WOW... what a change.. i can just SEE the aftermarket exploding on this one... wonder how much the flagship model might cost? :banghead:

posted by  behind_thewheel

The front reminds me of a galant

posted by  GonnaDie4TheGov

I like.

posted by  PontiacFan27

the front reminds me of the Acura TL

posted by  V-Tec

WOW this has to be one of the uglliest cars made but hopefully it will grow on me i heard that they have boosted it up to 31lbs this year

posted by  mx3_monster

31psi for an everyday use car..... i dont feel comfortable with that.....

looks like a mazda in the rear, and on the sides.

looks like a charger's distant cousin up front.

posted by  Inygknok

IT's not going to be boosted at 31psi. No production car maker i ntheir right mind would do this for a stock production vehicle. Cars at that high of pressure need BETTER than the crappy 91 octane gas and stand a good chance of bad reliability at OVER 2bar of boost constantly. It will probably be no higher than the current 19psi. They will likely just use a larger turbo to get more power.

posted by  thunderbird1100

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