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The car i just got was not equiped with two rear speakers.
i have a 96 corolla dx.

i was wondering what the speaker dimensions are before i got out and buy them. i know i can always re-size everything, but im not looking forward to spending too much time and money on the stereo.

im not sure, but i was told they here 4inch front and 6 1/2 inch rear.
but are they realy?
and how do i get the radio out?

posted by  wet_platinum

They were right, 4" upfront and 6.5" in the rear. You can always just get 6.5" speakers or get 6x9's and fit them in a 6.5" hole (it isnt too hard). The 6x9 will put out a tiny bit more bass than 6.5" speaker. How much do you want to spend and I can help you's a few preliminary brackets for 6.5's I reccommend...

Budget -, duct-product_id/1292
Mid-Range -,, duct-product_id/667
Higher end -,,,< br />
Fro mthe budget line i'd get the Pioneer's. From the mid-range line I'd get the Pioneer's probably again and for mthe high end i'd most definatley get the Infinity Kappas.

posted by  thunderbird1100

nothing to expensive, but i want to be able to thump just a bit:P
without having to add a sub. i dont want to go through the hassle of adding an amp for the sub. whats better 2 or 3 ways?

Ive seen the recomendations id probably opt for the mid' pioneers, do theay have them in 6.5" ? loll

Will i need a bracket to install the speakers? all there is are cut out holes and couple bolt holes.

for the deck im opting for a plain and simple pionner deck. cd-r and r-w.
4 x 45watts (and you're going... :doh:) will that near anything Okay...? LOL

posted by  wet_platinum

Every stereo deck is different slightly in cars. Do a search online for your generation corolla and someone on the inet will have posted step-by-step how to remove it. If you cant find that most any manual for your car will have it.

The 6.5's would drop right in, the 6x9's might need a little bit cut-out for them but nothing extravagant. Although I do recommend you amp the 6x9's if you plan on adding no subwoofer. Otherwise the 6x9 will sound the same nearly as a 6.5 because it's getting the same power that's REALLY underpowered for the speaker (from the HU). Aftermarket head units typically put out between 15-22rms watts per channel. Most decent 6x9's speakers require at least a healthy NON clipping 25-30rms to sound any decent. IF you still want 6x9's and no amp get some extremely high eff. 6x9's that dont require a lot of power (but normally those cost a lot more, such as Infinity Kappa 6x9's which are upwards of $100-$120. IT's almost more worth it to get a decent set of 6x9's ($60 Pioneers) and get a cheap amp to power them.

This is what I'd do in your case.

Get this...
They will give you plenty of highs (used them before, but in 5-way) and IF you amp them, a good amount of bass.

See, you can get a cheap 2-channel amp to power them...
BTW - This is an EXCELLENT amp, Orion makes some of the best out there, this is a great deal on a refurb. from them. If you bought this amp retail (at a local car audio shop) it would cost $299.99 brand new.

Those together would be a much better idea than just getting high eff. 6x9's. They will get louder and sound clearer. Even with high eff. 6x9's you still should run a good 30-35rms to it. Which HU's just cannot do. Another good thing is if you ever decide to do a subwoofer setup, you already have a 2 channel amp you can bridge and get 300rms watts out of for a 4ohm subwoofer.

posted by  thunderbird1100

nice, i picked up a pair of legacy's 6.5" those any good? got a good deal on em at a surplus place.
there rated 300watts.

ive looked up for the deck remouval, but i got a couple difrent versions on how to do it, so im just gonna pay up a couple bucks more and get the deck installed when i buy it.

Thanks for the info :D
very apreciated.

posted by  wet_platinum

I do recommend getting anew deck installed if you really dont anything sbout it. Sorry to be the first one to tell you this LEgacy is basically the worst car audio brand out there, they make horrible speaker/subwoofers/amps...everything. They aren't even like Lanzar where at least they make high end stuff (the opti line). Hoenstly, the LEgacy speakers wont sound much better than stock ones. Plus, they dont handle 300 watts, thats a maximum power rating, YOU NEVER GO BY MAX POWER RATING. Always go by RMS (and even then sometimes they are overrrated/underrated). The Legacy line is pretty overrated when it comes to power handling RMS (especially their amps).

Take for instance this amp...

It's rated at 1200watts MAX power. 600x2 MAX into 2ohms.
The real ratings are 150x2rms into 4 ohms and 300x2 rms into 2ohms. It doesn't even do NEAR that, I remember at our local shop we once benched the amp ABOVE that one (the LA1470, which is "rated" at 200x2rms into 4ohms) and it did only 460rms into a 4ohm load total (which means it's real rating is 115x2rms @ 4ohms).

You have to be really careful about what you buy i nthe car audio world, because an Orion amp doing 100x2 rms into 4ohms (Really more around 125x2 rms into 4 ohms) is not the same as a LEgacy amp doing 100x2rms into 4ohms (really about 45rmsx2 into 4ohms). A lot of companies lie.

BTW - are these the speakers you got?
Again in that they big time about the magnet size. The actual weight of the magnet by the size of that magnet is maybe 7-8oz.

posted by  thunderbird1100

nope, lol no worries i sold em to my neigboor, hehe...
and yeah ohms rms ect ect are like unknown to me... >>stoopid<<

but i am planning to get speakers for the car because THERE AINT NONE!!

i was lookin at a pair of "pyramid" but the rms is is rated 60watts...

whats does rms stand for any ways? "realy mad sound"?
can ya give me a couple brands you would recomend?
looking for midrange stuff, nothing to expensive, wihtou compremise for the sound.

posted by  wet_platinum

Pyramid is another budget crappy brand. That again, overrates all their stuff.

There are two types of ways normally power handling is measured. MAX watts (What the speaker can handle for a SHORT burst) and RMS watts which in other words can be called CONTINUOUS power (What the speaker can handle for a long time). The reason why you go by RMS is because that's what your speakers will operate at 99% of the time.

Pioneer makes a good mid-range coaxial (TS-A series).
Infinity Reference is good midrange coaxial.
Alpine Type-S is a good mid-range coaxial.

Go to your local best buy and hear those, they should carry those. See which one sounds best to you. Then go online and get the best price you can for it. Here's a few sites to work with...

posted by  thunderbird1100

im gonna try not to order from the states...loll i do live up in canada :P

posted by  wet_platinum

ive been looking up a stereo at a dealer near my place and im wondering if its anygood...
its a kenwood 200watts peak, rca preouts...

-High Contrast White LED with Blue LCD Backlight
-Anti-theft full detachable face
-CD-R / CD-RW compatible
-Quad 1-Bit DAC
-1-Pair Of Rear Channel Pre-Outs (2.0V @ 600 Ohms)
-System Q with Pre-Programmed EQ Tone Control
-Maximum Power: 200 watts (50W x 4) MOSFET Power IC
-Continuous Power: 88 watts (22W x 4) (Full Bandwidth @ Less Than 1% THD)
-Digital Filter: 8 Times Oversampling
-Frequency Response: 10Hz-20kHz
-Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.01% (1kHz)
-Signal-To-Noise Ratio: 93dB (1kHz)
-Dynamic Range: 93dB
-Channel Separation: 85dB
-Level: 2000mV (2V)
-Impedance: 600 Ohms

giberish to me, so maybe you can decode :D

posted by  wet_platinum

I know ikesound ships to canada. Havent checked out the other places.

posted by  thunderbird1100

That's deifnatley a more base model Kenwood model. I personally do not like Kenwood HU's. I find them hard to navigate and dont sound as good as other HU's.

What do you want to accomplish with a new HU? Do you want to be able to play MP3s? What's your budget? A very good mid-range unit that's still reasonable is this one...

Only $160 USD, so that's what a little below $200 CDN? That's a wonderful HU for a budget buyer. Plus it comes with a 2-year warrenty from Pioneer. Trust me, if there was one thing in audio i would want the longest warrenty on, it's HU's. Those tend to fail the most.

posted by  thunderbird1100

for teh same deck.. more around 277$ which is ok pricing, but wont be for now, ive got winter tires to buy :S :banghead:
on the other hand how is clairon brand?

i would just like plain cd-r /cd-rw, mp3 sounds good too. but it HAS to have cd-rw.

posted by  wet_platinum

Clarion makes a good HU as well. Jeeze the exchange rate is for every $1 USD you get ~$1.18 CDN, how the hell does it come out to be that high?

Winter tires, bleh sucks. Never bought them. Still gets to 78 degrees during the day here. Has only gotten to the high 40s twice.

Every CD player I know of these days will play CD-R/CD-RW (burned ONCE), but not every one plays MP3's.

posted by  thunderbird1100

yeah, well i dont think you guys get massive snow storms and ice rain :P
and have crappy busted up roads lmao...(our roads arent that bad)
thats gonna cost me about roughly 90 per tire... and i need ot get them installed and balanced on their own set of rims... rims = another 150$

yeah well they get shipped to the states and from there to canada probably pay all the shipping ect ect.
well i was spotting a clairon 4x51 , and i will buy an amp in the spring time. ive got a couple more pressing things to fix up on the car before the stereo... like the f***ing heater. :(

posted by  wet_platinum

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