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I'm sure everyone has heard of the LM (Legend Max). Its basically a super car with the look of a RL. At the heart of it is a 4.0lL V8 putting out over 500ps horsepower, and its FR. If they make a production model; with SH-AWD, it'll give the M5 a good run for its money.

Here's the specs;


Pictures and info, provided by Temple of Vtec. ( . The article can be found here (

posted by  aerith

:drool: I sure wouldn't mind that in my driveway. I've always been a fan of the 91-95 Acura Legend. But this i's like an RL on Steriods and Adrenaline. Although If I had to choose between this and the M5 (and I could afford it), I'd take the Beemer. :2cents:

posted by  elchango36

Between this exact vehicle and the M5, i would choose the ML. Its a competition grade vehicle; it's worth more and will probaly smoke the M5. But its not as luxurious.

posted by  aerith

those are the best missing images i've ever seen. :thumbs:

posted by  enron fever

Maybe they are missing, because they are big pictures, just click on the article link then.

posted by  aerith

Wow, thats pretty nice. Nice V8 :thumbs:

posted by  nsupra27

Whats this about SH-AWD?

posted by  importluva

Since its a V8(SH-AWD is not configured for use with V8's yet) and a track vehicle, they have a FR setup instead of a AWD setup.

posted by  aerith

Thats extremely sexy...

posted by  Pythias

The problem is they probaly can't mass produce this engine. To get such a high horsepower yield per litre, it probaly has a obscenely large amount of money put to it. And, where do you think Mugen got this engine? Its a V8, i guess its a custom. I'm guessing the engine alone must be worth from anywhere between 20,000 to 50,000 usd, considering all the R&D put into it. I really have no idea how much custom competition grade engines cost.

posted by  aerith

Looks like the RL, but WAY badder :drool:

posted by  6000LE

I've had the LM as my computer background for almost a year now. I wish Honda would make a hotrod version of the RL, that would really change peoples thinking about Acura.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Well, thats what the new V-10 NSX is all about. Don't forget the new TL, RL, TSX coming along to help with the job. All of them are going to get horsepower gains, and they already have the best interiors in their class. i personally prefer Acura styling over Lexus/ Infiniti styling. I think Acura/ BMW cars are the nicest styled cars on the road, excluding exotics.

posted by  aerith

Can't wait until BMI test it out.

posted by  fudge

Body Mass Index? :laughing:

posted by  99integra

Best Motoring International?
Ooh, you are being sarcastic....

posted by  aerith

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