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hey guys i got this issue with my friends 92 civic. it was brought back from germany and has a grip of german emissions shit. this issue however is with torque steer. it started when he replaced the wheels and tires. yet we rotated them and found that the wheels arent the problem so i need to know how to atleast cut it down if not elimate it all together. so any idea?

posted by  frizzal

Check the alignment, toe-in toe-out , camber, and caster crap. Torque steer is an issue with FWD cars, but if the Civics stock it shouldn't be putting that much power down to where torque steer is an issue.

posted by  PontiacFan27

No, no , no. Alignment could at most be a minor contributing cause of the dilemma. Incorrect toe or caster may cause a pull but not torque steer. Besides, there is no provision for caster adjustment on that car. Incorrect camber (also no provision for adjustment) will cause tire wear issues but unless it's extreme, like five degrees or more, does not cause any type of pull or other drivability issue. Read exactly what was typed in the first post;

What does that indicate to you? And if the wheel/tire combo is the same all around rotating will, as you've already discovered, give you the same result.

Based on the info you provided, the most likely cause of your problem is incorrect offset (backspacing) on the wheels. Also, depending on the size and brand of tires used, Honda's in general can be very sensitive to tread width, tread pattern and shoulder profile. All things being equal I'd have to call it an offset problem.

Another thought. When you replaced the wheels/tires did you lower the car at the same time?

posted by  vwhobo

the car was not lowered when he got the wheels and tires. the aligment was already taken care of. we done that first. so we will try the offset thing to see if that works. however i really dont know much about that so if you have any information for me that would be great. im a body and engine man so when it comes to wheels and suspension and all im lost in the sause. thanks alot.

posted by  frizzal

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