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Hi, I'm planning on buying my first car, and I'm choosing between these two. To clear things up, I live in Latin america, and the 2004 lancer is called lancer glx-i (sport version) which is the equivalent to the ralliart in the u.s., only here it has a 1.6 lt engine. and the corolla S here has a 1.8 lt. engine.

I can get the full extras lancer glx-i for about 1,000 cheaper than the corolla. But I still want to know which car is better. I don't really care about which one is faster because it's just for everyday use, and I don't really drive fast anyway. I want to know about the reliability, safety, which is more comfortable, etc.

posted by  nirvanajack

I could not urge you enough to get the Toyota. They are far better vehicles then the Mistubishi's. Check out and you will see that Toyota's have the fewest problems per thousand vehicles made then any other manufacturer (JDEdwards). Mitsubishi on the other hand is on the other end of the list.

posted by  Z-man_Dan

really? so the lancer sucks? I heard some good things about it.

posted by  nirvanajack

If you want to buy a car based on biased car reviews, go ahead and buy a Corolla. If you want to buy the better looking, more stylish car, buy the Lancer.

No doubt, Toyota is considered the most reliable company, but for the last few years, they have been going downhill. Not to mention, the Corolla has looked about the same for about the past 5-6 years, which is a HUGE turnoff.

You should honestly go out and drive a Lancer, you would probably find it more fun than the bland Corolla.

posted by  Vassar

yeah but i think the corolla scored REALLY high in the crash tests.
plus looks isn't everything in a car.

posted by  nirvanajack

Toyota brought out a newer version of the Corolla over here a couple of years ago so IMO although still quite bland, it has only looked the same for around 2 yrs which is about the same as the Lancer.

posted by  Cliffy

I really need help deciding.

posted by  nirvanajack

now here...lets just face it. in this genre all the cars are unbelievably bland and boring.

the corolla? BORING. :sleep:

the base lancer? BORING. :sleep:

the honda civic? BORING. :sleep:

posted by  SuperJew

I'm really torn apart here, lol. I like them both equally, that's why I wanted opinions on performance...

posted by  nirvanajack

The new Corolla looks like a chick car. Does that solve your problem? :banghead:

posted by  Vassar

get the lancer.much better choice than than the corolla

posted by  archangle

and why exactly is it better?

posted by  nirvanajack

He doesnt know, but I can tell you this... If you're into tuning your car and have a lot of maintinence money then get the lancer. If you want a decent car that'll last a while that looks decent get the corolla. So ive heard Mitsubishi's motors have a lot of problems. I'd get the corolla, chances are things will go wrong with the Lancer. :thumbs: :2cents:

posted by  jzxTT

Neither both are japanese they will never be fast, but the toyota will be reliable.


Oh you dont care wich one is faster then just go with the toyota the lancer wont run nearly as long as the corolla


are you trying to say jap cars arent fast? read the sig..... :laughing: .
btw.. any relation to BavarianWheels?

posted by  jzxTT

You are biased as hell, obviously.

One day, I will become rich when I invent a program that lets you stab someone in the face through their monitor. :banghead:

Some of you people have this whole "reliability" thing stuck in your head. Yes, Toyota is considered the most reliable company, but when it comes down to it, it depends on how you treat the car.

My mother-in-law has a Toyota van that died at 250,000 miles, while my friends Blazer has bypassed 300,000.

Just keep in mind, get the car you want, not because of magazine rant. If I were in your situation, I would get the Lancer, the Toyota is for chicks and old people.

But, whatever, it's your car, not mine.

posted by  Vassar

Please...don't assume just because we have similar log on names...

posted by  BavarianWheels


posted by  Voda48

I have decided on the Lancer. A black full extras GLX-i (Ralliart in North america).
Here in L. america both cars are cheap when it comes to manteinance, as opposed to american cars, which cost a hell of a lot more to mantain, and parts are really expensive.
plus i found out the fuel efficiency is similar in both cars, so it came down to which felt more comfortable driving. And I found the Lancer to deliver a really smooth drive, while being roomy and comfortable inside. While the Corolla made me feel like I was inside a moving egg. i dunno, the shape is odd and the leg room is not so great for the rear seats. Plus you gotta love the sporty seatss and things in the ralliart.

posted by  nirvanajack

I said what I said, But no matter what, I will always pick the stick over the auto.

posted by  jzxTT

What's that got to do with nirvanajack picking the Lancer over the Corolla?

posted by  snoopewite

absolutely nothing... HAPPY NOW.. he's made up his mind therefore there is no point in posting here anymore. :thumbs:

posted by  jzxTT

The Lancer is an excellent choice! :thumbs:

posted by  Vassar

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