94 Civic Turns Over Doesn't Run HELP NEEDED

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I've owned my civic for about 3 weeks. Ran like a champ. Just yesterday I died on me while I was driving. I wasn't driving crazy. I was at about 2 1/2 grand, and before I wen't into 3rd gear the engine just died. I check for fuel coming through the filter and there is gas coming through. I pulled out a spark plug and found no spark. I bought a service manual and checked the coil and ICM. Both checked out ok so I bought new spark plugs/wires/cap and rotor. And Nothing happened. Then I bought a new ICM. still Nothing. I checked every fuse in the car and under the hood. I even checked ignition switch to make sure it was working properly. Only thing I haven't changed is the ignition coil and distributor.

If any body can tell what else to check out, please let me know.
I might have to take it to a mechanic but I really don't have the money to.

posted by  bigbodylac

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