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Well i was on Autotrader again checkin out the cheap cars and came across this 1985 AE86 Corolla for only $550. Not sure what these are worth with this many kilometres and needing a headgasket but it shouldnt be too bad if it wasnt really run or driven since the gasket went should it. Just wondering what kinda deal you's think this may be (if at all). (

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posted by  car_crazy89

It's probably an SR5 which means it's got the SOHC engine and no LSD. I'd probably buy it, restore the body and chassis and then put a 4a-ge(or a Honda S2000 engine if i had the money) and LSD in it.

posted by  fudge

yeah, it is an sr5... 500 bucks to me is way over whats its worth... but with how the corolla has gotten so pupular, id say 500 bucks isnt bad... headgasket isnt hard to replace... and if you want to do a gts swap, you might want to see about finding a wreck gts so its an easy swap

posted by  mazda6man

Sounds like good deal to me. Headgaskets are cheap fix.

posted by  SlipKnoT

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