datsun 510, anyone knows?

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are they any good?
cus i found one and i might buy it cus its only being sold for 10,000 pesos(less than $200) and its in good shape
what are the possibilities?

posted by  machspeed

What year is the one you're looking at? There were two distinct 510s. The early 2 and 4 door versions are equipped with a nice little IRS system (the station wagon has a live axle), and have HUGE potential. They have a healthy following, and were very popular in road racing.

posted by  ChrisV

****, I would love to have a 510 so damn bad!

posted by  99integra

but the only problem is that it does not come with power steering
if you put an sr20de in, then dont you have to change the rear end to support the power of the engine?

posted by  machspeed

My dad has a datsun ute, it's basicly the same as the one in chrisv's pics except in ute form. :mrgreen:

posted by  GreekWarrior

I'm currently buidling an L20b.....the L series engines are one of the major nails that were driven in by the Japs as they began their world domination.

posted by  Wally

how bout a lancer boxtype?
are they cool?
they got lots of potential?

posted by  machspeed

The Datsun 510's were built pretty tough, and shouldn't be too bad. I wish I had one.

posted by  moostang104314

ChrisV, I saw those cars in a few rallys. Know anything about that?

posted by  Masuk

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