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looking to change my interior, only cuz i got bored of the color and it smells like major smoke from all teh cigarettes i took in it. i want to get a new dash and carpets and everything. from the bottom up. anybody know where i can get the parts only in different color?

oh yeah, i have a 03 civic ex. auto

posted by  kimimaru

may i suggest something? i re-did my interiors completely. getting a new dash and pretty much all of the panels is very damn expensive. sometimes even hard to do, and other times impossible cuz the colors u want were never available, which was wat happened to me with my car.

instead of spending so much cash getting everything new, i bought some special spray specially for the materials that make up the interiors. i painted my dash, door panels, rear plastic panels, trunk panels, and a few more. as for the roof and inserts, i bought perforated leather by the square yard for about $8 the yard and some 3M spray. the carpet is the only thing i havent gotten yet (still looking to see if i find some place to dye it instead of buying a new one for $100).

Rear section, the grey inserts were re-upholstered by myself: ull.jpg

Dash (picture is a few months old, its cleaned up now): ull.jpg

Roof, you can barely see it since it's black now, but i re-did that too: ull.jpg

dont have a picture of the door panels cuz i finished them afterwards. the car has been with the interiors like that for around 4-5 months and they havent peeled one bit by the tropical sun.

posted by  Inygknok

Well... maybe you should stop smoking in your car if you don't like what it does to the interior... just a thought...

posted by  Bino

i dont mind doing the work since i got alot of time on my hands. ive read/seen that alot of people sprayed their interior for a new color scheme. but the thing is alot of the ones ive seen myself was extremely glossy or gives the appearance that it's been painted/sprayed on.

i was thinking of buying some of the parts and spraying the ones i cant find using my old components. can you give me some advice on what kind of paints work best with certain surfaces?

posted by  kimimaru

Whoa, looks good Inygknok! :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan

ill give ya the name tomorrow or on sunday. i think i saved one of the cans at home cuz i dont remember the name of it right now. there are various types of sprays u can buy, some are glossy and some arent. i wanted a glossy look so i opted for it.

thanks stiman :thumbs:

posted by  Inygknok

Im not in a rush to do it, thanks man. yea, everyone got different opinion of things, i like the more flat look rather than glossy. :thumbs:

posted by  kimimaru

No prob. :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan

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