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wuts up you guys, i just bought a 1994 honda accord lx with almost 128k miles on it... i was wondering what should i replace in the car? im thinking of going to get it tuned up (my sister talked to the person who bought the car and said it hasnt been driving in 8 months, give or take a few start ups) so a tune up sound good? anyone know how much one would cost?

also, when i turn the car for a uturn and i hit the gass the RMP jumps and the car starts to burn my tires... am i doing something wrong? lol im new to the car world...

also what stuff could you do the the engine to give it long life and more power? im thinking of adding intake and probably an exust tip (dont think the tip will add life lol) any thinks you guys would do if it was your car?? suggestions would be help full. im also thinking about adding an alarm and a sound system....lastly, the car has two drives, D4 and D3. which do i use for normal use? and what is the other one for??? thank you!!

almost one more thing, can someone explain sound systems to me, the watts, and inches, and sub woofers and amps and all that... thanks

posted by  desii

First off, nice choice. :)

First question...it depends. Try to find out what the previous owner's last service was. Honda has their service plans set at 3000, 7000, 15000, 25000 (?), 50000, and 75000 mile intervals. Each one has its own set of checks and costs.

Second question, I'm guessing that when you do this, you are flooring it. In which case, yes, flooring it will cause the RPM to jump and the tires to spin.

Change your oil and filter at least every 3000 miles. That will help keep your engine performing well and it will also make it last far longer. A properly maintianed engine can last you beyond 300,000 miles.

K&N air filters are good. As for the tip, take a look at my avatar. You should look for the muffler with the tips off an old EX, unless you would rather have something different. One thing I know is that the EX exhaust system added 10 HP to the LX motor, while the VTEC head added 5.

Always use 4, unless you have a reason to keep the car from going higher than 3rd gear. 3 and 4 simply indicate gear numbers, while the D indicates that both gears are overdrive. Always use 4 for normal use.

I am afraid I cannot help you with audio questions, as that is not my area of expertise. Thunderbird1100 may be able to help you more in that area.

posted by  hondaman

thanks for the reply.. i think im going to take it to either some small machinic place around my house or the honda dealership to get it check out once and for alll.. thers something werid though, when i open the cap for my gas tank i hear air escaping and the smell of gas.. is that normal? i havnt noticed it in the other cars my family has (they all have toyotas) could it be beacuse the gas might have been sitting in the tank for a while? thank you

also i had 1 more question, would it be stupid if i added intake to the car? i mean i kno itll be louder which is what i want, but my bro said its stupid since it has a lot of miles and it might not be good and ill get pulled over for it being TOO LOUD... what do you think? And like if i bought intake off of ebay or something could i take it to pet boys and have them install it?

posted by  desii

Quite normal, happens every time I fill mine up. Don't know why it does this, but it is nothing to worry about. :thumbs:

EDIT: It appears you were changing your post while I was quoting.
I don't think an intake will change the volume much...and it only costs around $30 or less so it isn't that large of an investment...I'd say go for it. And yeah, any qualified mechanic can install it for you.

posted by  hondaman

Just one thing to note, it should be fine with the oil/filter AND drain plug washer changed every 5000. That's how my Accord was on regular oil until I switched over to synthetic and change it every 7500 now.

As the original audio quesiton a 94 LX Accord is setup like this...
You have a SINGLE DIN Stereo Receiver - so any Single DIN aftermarket unit will fit.
The speakers up front are 6.5's as well as in the back, so most any 6.5" speaker will easily fit, and a 5.25" speaker will fit as well with an adapter. You can also modify the holes in the rear deck to accomodate 6x9's if you so choose not to add subwoofer(s) for more bass.

posted by  thunderbird1100

thanks for the info. i still havent had time to got the dmv yet, might do that toomrrow. i will probably take it to the shop and get it tuned up. maybe i can take it to walmart and have them install intake for me. lol im more sure... as for the sound system, im pretty sure i need to change 1 of the speakers beacuse when i listen to it a little loud i hear the werid ass noise.

i was wondering, where should i go buy a sound system from anways? like i was thinking of buying a package from best buy, they have some for like 150 with 2 subs, and a box. or 250 with an amp as well.. umm, my car has a stock HONDA cd player. do i need a new cd deck to use my subs and stuff? i asked the dude at best buy and he said yeah ineed a new cd deck. (he didnt seem too happy to help me) what do you guys think?? thanks

ohh also, i wanted to add a car alarm since its annoying to use the key all the time... ( i forget if i locked the car or not) should i use best buy? its like 114 included installation.....

1 more thing ( lol just got back from driving my car) i dont know ur honda is a stick or not, but is the transmition supose to be a bit rough? like in my other cars it shifts sorta unotice able. and plus this car goes up to the 6rmps and shirts (talking about all automatics here)

posted by  desii

okay so i went to a machinic and had him check it out. he said that my raidiotor oil is leaking a little bit. not a mojor problem. he also said i should get a major tune up done. my questions, what do they do in a tune up? whats a price thats TOO HIGH to pay to get one done.. also my my wires are pretty screwed up, should i take it to a place like pep boys? or a place like best buy for the lights and stuff? thanks

posted by  desii

You should be able to install an intake yourself, a Short Ram intake is as simple as changing the oil to do if not easier. A Colr Air requires a little more attention but isn't difficult at all. You should tell me your budget for the sound system and I can get you the best prices possible, I buy most of my mainstream stuff from www.ikesound.com , they have prices way lower than any store.

The guy at best buy is a dumbass (like almost all workers that work in the audio departments at best buy). You CAN use a stock CD deck and have external amps (like for subs), you just need a line out convertor. Although it is highly recommended to get even a cheap $150 aftermarket deck as it will VASTLY improve sound quality, tunability and power. Don't bother with Best Buy, almost everything sucks there including the installs/installers (overpriced). Go to a local car audio shop to get things PROFESSIONALLY installed, they are experts, the peopla t best buy are just there to earn their $8.50/hr and go home.

posted by  thunderbird1100

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