80-83 corolla vs. 80-86 lancer "box type"

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which is better in terms of potential and aftermarket parts availability?
they are what we call here "box types"
which is easier to find aftermatket parts for?
overall which is better

posted by  machspeed

First off what country are you in? I'm in the US, and we didn't get the Lancer here till the current generation. The only car similar we had to that early Lancer was the 1978-84 Dodge Colt and Plymouth Champ. Just hatchbacks, no sedans. I know the Lancer was available as a sedan. I do have very good experience with early Toyotas though. I've owned quite a few and have one today, 87 Toyota MR2. I owned a 77 Corolla SR5, 76 Corona, 82 Tercel, 82 Celica GT, 2 1986 Camrys, 84 Corolla SR5 coupe(hachiroku), and an 82 Corolla SR5 coupe 1.8. If you need any help with or have any questions about these cars, please feel fee to ask. For early Japanese imports, you can't beat a Toyota. Just watch out for rust. These cars are excellent mechanically, just rust is a problem with older Japanese cars. I've really heard no problems with the early Colts and Champs, some swear by them. They are pretty reliable. I owned an 88 Mitsubishi Tredia, that ran great, it just smoked like a mofo. That's why I kinda stay away from 80s-mid 90s Mitsubishis. A few I've seen always seem to smoke after awhile. As far as a choice, I'd definitely go with the 1.8(80-82) Corolla, it became 1.6(83), why I have no idea?? Stupid, IMO, on Toyotas part. The 1.8 is virtually a bulletproof engine, as far as reliability goes. I've driven back and forth from MA to NY quite a few times without a worry. Plus, parts are so numerous, from Weber carburetors, to turbos, to 85-87 GTS engine swaps and RX7 rotary engine swaps make this car a true sleeper. Also, this car is RWD versus the FWD in the Colt/Champ. Although some early Colts were RWD, not sure which models. So repairs on the tranny are way easier. They are so many clubs and websites out there for 1980-83 Toyotas, you'll never be without help. So I'd go with the 80-83 Toyota Corolla, no question. Good Luck, bro. Hope this helps :smoke:

posted by  ryoni777

plymouth champ? here in PR it's a mitsubishi....

posted by  Inygknok

im in the philippines
lancer box types are RWD and come equipped with sports suspension
coil over springs
the only problem i have is were can i purchase aftermarket suspension parts and an LSD?
lancer box types look like this
http://memimage.cardomain.net/member_images/4/web/808000-808999/808525_1.jp g

http://memimage.cardomain.net/member_images/11/web/2075000-2075999/2075449_ 1.jpg

http://memimage.cardomain.net/member_images/10/web/454000-454999/454917_1.j pg

http://memimage.cardomain.net/member_images/10/web/454000-454999/454917_2.j pg

posted by  machspeed

anyone can help?

posted by  machspeed

I'm based in Baguio City, there are some car parts stores in La Trinidad Benguet that sell box type replacement parts. Shock Pines along Magsaysay Ave also sells box type surplus parts and they can install these too. Avoid Manvels Underchassis Shop in Baguio City, their mecahnics are amateurs. They ruined my front suspension.

posted by  Lancer87

im thinkin i would go with the corolla .. but i do think for an older car that black lancer looks pretty cool

posted by  lamboluver

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