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hi everybody, anyone know a website where can i find a car race track plans? 4x4? slalom? drag? anyone? thanks :banghead:

posted by  tenderfoot

Why would you want to build those? You'll have to give a bit more information, like dimensions :thumbs:

And would you mind introducing yourself :wink2:

posted by  chris_knows

I can give you a plan for a drag strip right here. 50 feet wide, 1320 feet long, straight, no turns. :banghead: What, if any, is the point of this exercise?

posted by  vwhobo

yeah, im richard, im an architect, im designing a new track, i was hoping anyone from here could give me directions on where to find it, and also a first hand info from racers themselves, on what designers like me often overlook

im designing a small track with the following:
brake and acceleration
4x4 track
slalom and lane change

and misc amenities for itlike:
events open area
autocentrum(a lot of parts stores in one place)
auto service
a racing school

anyone? i have a few stuff right now, but i need more, please lemme know if u have one, thanks :doh:

posted by  tenderfoot

thanks for that info vwhobo, anyone else has some more info?

posted by  tenderfoot


posted by  ChrisV

Don't forget the extra distance to stop...or in some cases just a brick wall would do fine :laughing:

posted by  chris_knows

thanks for all the help :wink2: really ppreciate it :wink2:

posted by  tenderfoot

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