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Hey guys, I live in Canada. I just bought my first car yesterday (im 18/M). I was just wonderin your thoughts on the model in general or anything you heard/know about this car.

Its a 2002 Silver 2DR VTEC Honda SiR. Only thing I heard about it was that it was made in England and thats about it. The car came with 56K KM, no crash history and warranty on all parts/engine till 2007. I paid $14,500 for it. So how does this model handle itself? what do you think of its design? Is it a very common car? Basicly your general thoughts/comments, My friend also tells me its a girly car like the bug, is that true?. Thank you. Also is it considerd a street or show car or w/e?

My first post on this board.

posted by  cccpdraco

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