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Alright, the most complicated thing i'v done myself is put in a cold air intake and that took considerably longer for me to do than alot of my freinds. Knowing that about me, i ask if replaceing my stock headers with some DC ones on a Scion tC will be hard? how hard? how long does it usually take? i'd appreciate any help you could throw in on this, thanks.

posted by  Scionguy

The header will take you a good bit longer to put on than a CAI. It's harder to get to. Make sure you replace the gasket.

Before you get a header though I'd get a cat-back exhaust. Which those aren't too difficult to install other than bolting up a few things and hanging it from the factory hangers. Plus it seems like you're going backwards in the bolt ons, although it's not bad, you should make sure you can get the air out before you get a lot more in. For instance you have more colder air going in but with even only a new header it doesnt get out as easily because of the choking stock exhaust system. While albeit it's not necessesary, it just makes sense... working from exhaust, to intake.

posted by  thunderbird1100

actually i had ordered a magnaflow cat-back the same day i posted this. just tryin to decide on the next mod

posted by  Scionguy

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