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whats your definition of rice or a ricer?

posted by  Rocko790165

Something you eat.

posted by  fudge

A ricer is not a car, but a person. Thier is a difference between a true Japeneese performance enthusiast and a ricer peice of shit. But its all subjective as to who you are talking to at the time. In my opinion a ricer is someone who lacks knowledge of automotives, but thinks they are car Geniuses. Ricers are the douchebags who save up there McDonalds income to buy those "Phat silver wiper blades, and sick LED winshield washer lights" that they saw at Autozone to put on their 1988 accord. I dont care if your a Show guy or a Go guy, but it all has to be tastefully done. No unnesesarly large 4 foot rear spoilers for your 1993 neon.

posted by  Zalight

Rice is an attitude, and it applies to all cars. the definition was coined by Bryan Hog back in teh early '90s, as a way of pointing out a particular group of asian kids in his area (San Diego). It was all about the race car replica wannabe's. Guys that put some stickers, stripes, huge exhaust tip and wing, and thought that their otherwise stock economy car was the fastest thing out there. Oh, and wrong badging for teh sake of trying to fool people, liek Type R stickers on everything, or VTEC stickers on non-VTEC cars, and mostly stickers or badges for products they never had on their cars.

Purely cosmetic mods for the sake of making the car different were not categorized as rice, as they aren't race car wannabes and the owner's attitude was different.

Unfortunately, due to the advent of RiceBoy, real race cars and real performance cars that the Ricers were emulating were ALSO called rice by equally ignorant anti-Ricers. And then any modification to any car that didn't make it significantly faster was called Rice and ridiculed in the same way by those same ignorant anti-ricers. Race cars, muscle cars, street rods, all have done purely cosmetic mods to make their cars look better to, from bright or wild paint jobs to chrome accessories, etc. And NONE of them were given a bad time until RiceBoy came on the scene.

It's sad, really, to see how many traditional custom modifications are now considered rice simply because a few fools think that any money spent on your car that doesn't make it quite a bit faster is a waste. :banghead:

posted by  ChrisV

Really? It was? Are you sure? Absolutely? If that's the case, then how come we (me, my friends, acquaintances, etc) were calling cars of that genre "rice" and their drivers "ricers" in the mid '80's. And no, I'm not confusing it with the term "rice rocket" which I remember using as a kid in the '60's. The floor is yours, keep it short.

posted by  vwhobo

because lots of people think that if you do anything performance wise to a civic then its still rice and your wasting your money but one of my friends has a civc that hes swapped engines for a b18, supercharged it with nitrous cai, catback exhaust system new cam gears and lots of other things car is fast and can beat a lot of "muscle" cars but he has altezza taillights would you consider that rice

posted by  Rocko790165

Not really. Altezza's aren't my taste but I wouldn't call it rice.

posted by  hondaman

Yes, I would, anything that has Altezza style taillights... and didn't come from the factory as such... is rice IMO. I basically consider (my personal preference) anything with Nitrous rice as well.

posted by  Bino

Why does nitrous equal rice? That simply makes no sense. Enquiring minds want to know.

posted by  vwhobo

It is totally a matter of preference and I can see why some people would not classify nitrous as such. But, nitrous is not legal in a street car... i.e. for off-road use only. So... what's the point unless it's a racecar? If it's not a racecar, why do you have nitrous? I view it as a poser modification, somebody who can't actually build an engine that makes power so they must supplement with burn accelerant (I see it as a penile pump). I want my car to legally have the same power on the street as at the strip. I guess it's more of a challenge if everybody's playing within the same boundaries.

Here's what I hear (little voices in my head) whenever I hear somebody talk about nitrous: "Yeah doood, I got a CAI on my 1.5L, added like 50hp at the wheels, then I put on a 150 shot of naawwwsss my ride is mad tyte yo... I dogged on a Viper earlier, Vipers are soooo slow." Or something along those lines.

posted by  Bino

Nitrous may not be legal where you live, but it most assuredly is where I live. Furthermore, the fact that I don't use it on the street is immaterial. I drive the car to the track, crack the bottle and have some fun.

You obviously have little or no experience with bracket or grudge racing. The "boundries" that you refer to are non-existent. On any given night I might run against cars that are turbochargered, superchargered, nitroused or naturally aspirated. I'll run against cars with engines as big as 600+ CI or a small as 1600 CC's, although MOST of the time my competitors have engines at least twice as big as my 2332 CC's.

Maybe if you were spending time with the right crowd instead of hanging out in front of Wal-Mart with your friends, you'd realise that nitrous has it's place in the world of high performance instead of critisizing those that use it. Maybe if you had more experience building engines for various types of racing you'd know just how much work it takes to make an engine that's already fast and on the edge stay alive when you spray it.

posted by  vwhobo

ok his car is a race/street car cause he takes it to races in Arizona and other places all the time and i was talking to this guy who owns a new GTO and he was ratting on imports and i asked him if he could beat that kids civic and he started arguing how he could if he didnt have nitrous but it just shows how ignorant some people are when it comes to imports

posted by  Rocko790165

Well, dictionary.com defines ricer/ricing as:

A ricer would be:

I would say it is a person...I was actuall thinking about this when I saw a 1993 (I think) RX-7, with the biggest exhaust I have ever seen (5+ inches) :banghead:

For example, a car cannot be called a rice-mobile unless put in the hands of a person who thinks it is crazy fast, with no performance mods, and a massive wing. Usually in Asian cars, but sadly also in American and European cars :doh:

Obviously this is debatable, and some people will think nitrous is rice, where some won't think a 3 foot wing isn't...It's all personal opinion...

posted by  chris_knows

Yes, I think you came to a completely logical conclusion about me. Snap judgement... once again. I do believe that it has its place, perhaps "all nitrous is ricey" was a bit broad on my part. Use it at the racetrack, that's fine, I choose not to because I think there are better ways. It's lovely how you choose to attack people because their opinions differ from yours... rather than just point out your difference of opinion in a civil manner.

Take your comment about keeping the engine together... I never said it was easy to keep the engine together... now did I? Funny how you placed those words in my mouth.

I'm not 16, do not treat me as such.

posted by  Bino

A ricer is a person lacking in taste when it comes to car modification. Rice can vary from the guy who puts a park bench on his car, to the guy who thinks doing so will add 50 horsepower.

posted by  PontiacFan27

define taste though... taste is very subjective, so "riciness" must be subjective. makes it pretty hard to define, don't it?

posted by  windsonian

Rice falls into the same category that someone (I believe a US Supreme Court justice) once described pornography. "I can't explain what it is, but I know it when I see it."

posted by  vwhobo

Ah, now that makes it easy.

posted by  67Coronet383

nicely put, although I s'pose the difference is that rice isn't against societies moral or ethical standards, so it is quite (socially) acceptable for someone to like something that is blatantly ricey, thus perpetuating the difficulty in nailing it down. Because the guy who likes it probably doesn't like being labelled a ricer, so he fights tooth and nail to move the goalposts and change the definition... as we've seen many a time on this forum.

posted by  windsonian

that definition would help people who are ricers say there not

posted by  Rocko790165

Newsflash. People who are ricers ALREADY deny it. How does that definition change anything?

posted by  vwhobo

So you consider many fighter planes of WW2 and drag cars as early as the 50's ricers? I would have never thought that WW2 Aces would be thought of as "Ricers". Why don't people call people that only like American cars hambargers or what ever? Ricers weren't pioneers of Nitrous they just like the look of the NOS bottle(I've seen a couple of cars with nothing but an empty NOS bottle and a hose that didn't connect to anything). The whole Ricer thing is getting old and I wish people would just get a life and stop whinning about ricers.

posted by  x1/9-rally

A la:
http://www.fast-autos.net/suzuki/escudo2.jpg ?

The term rice is as annoying as this smilie :fu:. And I hate this attitude that a customised(exterior) car must have it's engined worked on or else it's considered rice even it's already capable of breaking the speed limit straight from the factory.

posted by  fudge

Rice (http://www.riceforce.com/riceforce/promotion/kit0504/index.asp) as advertised on the banner at the top of this page. :doh:

posted by  vwhobo

Ok, I've done this here before, but I'll do it again. I've done a lot of study on it, from the mid '90s on, primarily as part of the first website to document it, that set the stage for all of the popularity of the term since then.

First, we've had customs as long as there have been cars. Cosmetic changes to make your car more personal have been a staple of the car industry from the beginning, whether it was coachbuiilders building complete new bodies on factory chassis, to local garages giving a car a non stock color. As with a lot of things in the automotive industry, it really took off after WWII. You would see after that point a lot more "popular" custom tricks on street cars, from chopped tops to shaved handles and emblems, extended rear fenders, integrated skirts, extreme lowering, rounded hood and door corners, frenched headlights, trim removal or swapping, grille swapping, taillight swaps (which is why Altezzas are NOT rice, but merely the continuation of a decades long trend of making your personal car a custom). A '50 merc, lowered 4", with '53 Buick sidetrim, '55 Desoto grille, '53 kaiser taillights, extended fenders, Olds Fiesta huibcaps, etc, was not trying to be any of those cars. It was trying to be a custom.

Ok, that out of the way...

in the '70s, Japanese cars, which had been a small part of the American market for a decade already, started to become VERY popul,ar. With the gas and insurance crisis of teh early '70s and peole turbning to smaller cars, the well built japanese cars were a primary choice. The sports car crowd tat had been heavily into cars like the Alfa sedans, Mini Coopers, and the like started buying 240Zs, Datsun 510s, Mazda RX2s and RX3s, Toyota Corollas, and Honda Civic 1200s. These were not only well built street cars, but capable race cars for roads racing and autocross. At the time, American musclecars were either stock, or just used up old cars, or jacked up drag race looking things that weren't really all that fast OR well built. A lot of peole were finding that these small engine japanese cars were easily as quick in a straight line as well as capable around corners.

At the same time, another little import was gaining in racing popularity. the VW Bug owners had formed theri own racing organization and were holding HUGE custom shows. the bugs lended themselves to the same mods as street rods and customs, as well as drag racing. people were turning to imports like crazy.

Japanese bikes had made inroads into the american market as well. Harley and Trimph riders called them Rice Rockets, and had since the '60s when Honda and Yamaha had started winning a lot of races. That appelation was given to the fast japanese cars of the '70s by drag racers and rodders, as well. But contrary to someone's recollection, no one at the time called them ricers or riceboys.

Those of us driving and racing those cars (like my RX3) wished they were more popular and that people would see there was more ways of going fast than buying expensive Euro cars or American drag racers. Little did we know what would happen if our wish came true...

A couple things happened at that point, the convergence of a number of separate threads. One, the lowrider movement spawned a group built around minitrucks, and large truck clubs grew up in the '80s with huge shows. There was a lot of similarities to teh bigger VW shows (many were organized by teh same people). Cars weren't allowed in most of the truck shows, but the truck clubs often had cars built the same way (they were called Mascot Cars in the publications). Lowrider japanese and American compacts primarily, but a lot of the cars that were taking over the VW shows: Rabbits, Jettas and Golfs. Combine the water cooled VWs and the Euro custom and race look with the Japanese and American lowriders (that ironically were called "euros"), and the sport compact crowd that had been racing, and a new trend at the end of the ['80s was born. Race replicas in the car show circuit. Those that had been building custom VWs had been looking to the European models we couln't get here, and those that had been building Japanese cars looked to the Japanese market supercars that weren't available here.

In Japan, for years, the race replica market had been big. Motorcycles were teh primary thrust of it, with people riding 50 and 125cc sportbikes made up to look like grand prix racers. They'd ride around in packs showing off. Asians in the US, to show "asian pride" (more accurately, "AzYn PrYd") brought over everything Japanese, from clothing trends to motorcycles and cars. In teh late '80s, teh cars available from Japan had gotten very capable, and chock full of every bit of tech that was possible. At the same time, only a handful of American cars were worth mentioning, and even the "fast" ones were poorly built. Both Japanese and Euro fans started being extremely vocally anti-American car. But it was still local pockets.

About that time, the F40 became a poster car, and the Japanese came out with cars like teh Supra Turbo, with it's huge factory wing. Suddenly, the sport compact magazines carried ads filled with fiberglass and ABS wings for every kind of car you could imagine. Everyone wanted that huge turbo car exhaust, and the race and rally airdams and side skirts became avaialbel everywhere. Every litle asian car owner was tryin gto build their own fake Supra Turbo. Honda came out with their VTEC engine tech and all the little AzYn PrYd" wannabes had to put those emblems on their cars and run around saying how great they were. The era of the riceboy had begun (this would be about '91-92). Before that, you simply never saw cars like these:




The wings, the big turbo exhaust, etc, simply didn't exist in the aftermarket. This was a huge change from cars like this:



Those were called Rice Rockets from day one. But the new trend was Riceboy and Ricers, a completely different thing. Ricers were primarily poseurs and fakes with a serious attitude problem.

Fast forward a couple years, and the rise of the internet and the rapid dissemination of information from coast to coast. AzYn PrYd was infiltrating every automotive message board, dissing on any American car, and occasionally Euro cars. Everyone across the country could see the cars start showing up in their towns. At the same time, cars like the Camaro Ss were arriving from the factory able to handle and accellerate better than musclecars had in the past, and the aftermarket for them and Mustangs had made it cheap and easy to make those cars very quick indeed. As the Riceboy infiltrated the web, the backlash was huge. While Bryan had identified it in '91-92 and gave it the name that stuck, his site set the tone for all that followed: RiceCop.com, AntiRice.com, and many, many more (many of them started by members of his original site).

Riceboy and Ricers was the term given to people who modded their cars in an effort to look like their cars were race cars and fast cars. usually using fake parts (like fake intercoolers and BOVs on cars with no turbos), stickers for parts they didn't have or weren't even avaialble for their cars (like Mugen windshield banners on Camrys), or trying to make their base level cars look liek the fast models (like VTEC, Type R, and SiR stickers on Civic DXs and non-VTEC models)


Using parts from other cars on your car is customizing, or using the STYLE of other cars on your car. It's traditional and has been around forever. Lambo doors look unique when opened, but don't change the look of the car in normal use, nor does anyone do it to make their car look faster. But things like this are a whole different story:


posted by  ChrisV

i think the hobo just got owned....

posted by  Inygknok

Um... okay. So in other words you can't explain why other people were already using the term in the '80's and you can't keep it short. What a huge surprise. While much of what you said is accurate, it still fits the profile of "baffling them with bullsh*t". Remember Mister History of Everything Automotive Man, in the '80's while you were living in the Seattle area reading about what was going on in SoCal, I was in LA/Orange County living it. The term "rice" was widely used during that time for cars and people who were... Rice. Just because somebody has enough brass to take credit for it, doesn't make it so. On the other hand, maybe you believe Al Gore invented the internet too.

posted by  vwhobo

Yes, and that is exactly rice, that's what drives me crazy.

About the other vehicles running nitrous, perhaps they do, but I would be very curious if they were in fact running Nitro-Methane... which is not even kind of the same thing as nitrous.... as Nitro-Methane is actually combustible... After all, the slang term for Nitro-Methane is nitro, which could easily be confused with nitrous.

Care to solidly convince me that WW2 fighter planes had highly compressed bottles of burn accelerant on board?

posted by  Bino

How many references do you want? This is really old information and anybody who claims to have the knowledge you do should be familiar with it. :doh:




posted by  vwhobo

I sit corrected. Where as I have no interest in nitrous... I don't claim to be an expert in any way pertaining to it or its history.

posted by  Bino

they weren't as teh movement handn't arrived yet. No one was dong the wings, becaeu the stock cars they were copying didnt' exist yet.

You're misremembering it, as you weren't interested in it at the time. I've STUDIED it. The term then was rice rocket, as I mentioned, as well as where it came from.

Actually, I DID keep it short. I have enough information to make a book out of it. THAT was less than one page.

Or are you trying to emulate a teenager with ADD raised on soundbites?

Besides, why I should parse my posts just for YOUR desires?

I was also spending time there. being there in '84. I was dealing with California street rod shops AND teh VW shops (like Johnny's and Cal Custom) on a daily basis, while at the same time racing with people from there in SCCA events. I wasn't just reading about it (and never reading ANY California publication that used that ricer or riceboy in that manner, though they did say "rice rockets" repeatedly, as well as pretty much every other bit of slang you could think of), but dealing with the people that would USE those terms, had they existed.

Canyon racers was a common phrase, and used on street cars done in road race style (mostly found in Latigo Canyon road over to Mullholland, where I was lucky enough to drive for fun in '87).

I'm not a democrat, and I voted against Gore. But...

He never said he invented it. But, according to Vincent Cerf, a senior vice president with MCI Worldcom who's been called the Father of the Internet, "The Internet would not be where it is in the United States without the strong support given to it and related research areas by the Vice President in his current role and in his earlier role as Senator."

The inventor of the Mosaic Browser, Marc Andreesen, credits Gore with making his work possible. He received a federal grant through Gore's High Performance Computing Act. The University of Pennsylvania's Dave Ferber says that without Gore the Internet "would not be where it is today."

Joseph E. Traub, a computer science professor at Columbia University, claims that Gore "was perhaps the first political leader to grasp the importance of networking the country."



posted by  ChrisV

You're right Chris, why should I let facts get in the way of your opinion? Of course you were involved in everything car related in SoCal and no doubt the entire world. How silly of me to think otherwise. There is no way that anyone could have information that you're not aware of because in your mind you are the only person who knows anything or whose opinion counts. I bet if I looked in an encyclopedia next to the phrase automotive expert, there would be a picture of you.

In the fall of 1983 I wasn't the president of a local VW club in SoCal and I didn't buy my wife a new '84 Accord. At the next club meet I wasn't awarded with the club "Ricer of the Year" award. My next door neighbor didn't have a lowered Accord (I cut the springs) with stickers and a small wing off of a Monza on it. I could go on but it would be as boring as reading most of your drivel, and wouldn't change your mind anyway because you know beyond a shadow of a doubt you're right.

Ya know Chris, sometimes it's very amusing watching as you play with the 16 year old know-it-alls on this forum. But it's times like these that you display just how narrow minded and self-important you really are. You always wonder openly what happens to the stupid kids on this forum who are convinced they know everything. I've got the answer. Just go look in the mirror, they turn into adults who are convinced they know everything, just like you.

posted by  vwhobo


posted by  Walt

Yeah thats what I thought biiaatch LOL, sorry I just had to do that.

posted by  x1/9-rally

Nope, he isn't in there.

posted by  67Coronet383

It was for me :wink2:



posted by  chris_knows

Did I miss something...no, seriously, did I?...

posted by  Cliffy

Yeah, you did. Read the thread and get a clue.

posted by  67Coronet383

Funny, dude. Interesting choice of words there. Never once did I claim to know EVERYTHING. But is it such a f*cking stretch to think that someone who has studied a subject fora few decades might actually know that subject? I don't know a quarter as much as you about diagnosing and repairing broken cars. Just not my area of interest in cars, so I don't go into that section of the forum and give out advice. But this IS part of my area of interest, so yes I DO know what I'm talking about. And I ALWAYS make sure I do a bit of research and check what I'm going to say before posting it to make sure that what I think I know is true.

There's a difference between a kid with no experience that read something once and then argues about it vs someone who has studied and been immersed in a subject for decades and argues about it.

Funny thing is you want to rag on me for acting like *I* know "everything" about the subject, but you're doing it just to prove YOU know "everything" about it. (or at least, more than I) ;) A tad hypocritical, eh? Maybe you need that mirror, too.

posted by  ChrisV

Sometimes you can't tell people to shut their mouths without opening your own. Just a thought.

posted by  67Coronet383

If you want to sound as smart as you claim to be, the best thing to do would be shut up. You've been studying the subject "for a few decades"? Funny, according to you the subject has only existed for about 13 years. Contradiction? You bet. I don't give a f*ck what you've studied, I'm telling you what I've lived.

Doesn't it seem just a bit presumptuous for you to tell me what I know as a fact because it's part of my life? Did it ever occur to you that in your decades of study, you might have missed something? Has anyone ever told you that if you have enough time to study the evolution of ricers, you probably need something worthwhile to do with your time?

Show me where I said I know everything about this subject. Can't do it, never said it. I never even implied it. What I said is that the terms rice and ricer were around before some bozo started a web site and took credit for it. If you were truly interested in learning, you'd be happy to have new information. Instead, in the normal way of "ChrisV, Knower of Everything" you discount my experience because it doesn't agree with...wait for it... your opinion.

Finally Chris, let's take a look at a statement you made.

Yep, there sure is, but there's also at least one similarity in this instance. They're both to full of themselves and thick headed to realise that there might be somebody, somewhere who has just one iota of information that they don't. Make that two similarities. The other is that no matter what anybody tells them, they are absolutely sure they're right, ALL THE TIME. So Chris, I don't really care what you think, this is America and you have the right to be wrong. And you're doing a fine job of exercising your rights. Have a sh*tty day.

posted by  vwhobo

who cares what a ricer is? We all know one when we see one. I mean sure everyone has different opinions on what cars are respect worthy and which ones arent. let me explain that at the local track there was an old body style cavalier, with a WOODEN wing and a WOODEN hood scoop. That my friends is rice. Tacky and untasteful is rice. Rice is in the car just as much the drive. You cant take your moms minivan, put a wing on it and expect it to run 10's in a quarter mile. Its a matter of what car you choose to decorate with you tacky "aftermarket" pepboys windshield wipers. atleast everyone can agree on the fact that we all hate them, no matter what the word rice or ricer consists of. :laughing:

posted by  girliegirl95

Is using all blue letters rice or just stupid? It is after all very tacky and untasteful.

posted by  vwhobo

Okay then, who was being an asshole about anything? Last time I checked the point of a forum was for everyone to put in their 2cents. So why is that I am "rice" because I write in blue. I suppose that makes u rice for being a prick

posted by  girliegirl95

Ah yes, stupid and a name caller, great way to start out your short stay on this forum.

posted by  vwhobo

Short stay? you won't get rid of me that easily. You the prick not me remember :thumbs:

posted by  girliegirl95

Sorry, the official language on this board is English, not whatever dialect that is you're using.

posted by  vwhobo

Oh, you're a funny guy too. Wonderful

posted by  girliegirl95

Have you ever met ChrisV? He lives in Maryland :laughing:

Yeah, the Hobo is pretty funny

posted by  chris_knows

I was wondering how long it would take you to post a reply to "girlygirl". :laughing:

posted by  hondaman

Watch and learn :laughing:

BTW girliegirl95, mind introducing yourself? :wink2:

posted by  chris_knows

I notice she has not included her age...she could be three times as old as you are. Wouldn't that be fun. :laughing:

posted by  hondaman

I deduced what she had said, and realized she'd be anywhere between 16 and 25...if she goes to the track...I doubt she would go before getting their license, she wrote in blue, she name calls, and has sarcasm...with my experience with women, shes definitely under 30...:laughing:

And what's wrong with 45? I'm not ageist, are you? :laughing:

posted by  chris_knows

My grandma goes to racetracks (no shit, she really does..obviously not to race though, and really probably just to annoy my grandfather), writes in blue quite frequently, she insults everyone she meets, and is usually quite sarcastic about it. And she's 86 years old. :laughing:

posted by  hondaman

Maybe it's your grandma...can she use a computer?

Mine just looks at it, and she goes...
"Is it like one of those adding machines?" :laughing:
Couldn't type her name if she had to :laughing:

posted by  chris_knows

Nah, she doesn't have one. Doesn't trust them. Spends her money on a big screen TV and a new car instead, so I think she's got her priorities straight. :hi:

posted by  hondaman

Man, if she was 60 years younger, and I was 10 years older :laughing: JK

posted by  chris_knows

I can't believe I missed this thread, how you doin girliegirl :hi:

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youre sick :laughing:

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And there goes the other one. :wink2:

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Like horny pirhannas :laughing:

Why? I'd be 25, and she'd be 26...

posted by  chris_knows

Can't help me self :laughing:

posted by  99integra

But its the principle or reaging grandmas to see if they were hot or not. I bet youd do her at the state shes in now :wink2:

posted by  newyorker

You're all talking about her like she can't read everything you're saying. I can't wait for her response. :orglaugh:

posted by  torinoman80

When did I mention sex? :laughing:

posted by  chris_knows

Anyone for German rice?




posted by  vwhobo

aka Tupperware

posted by  Wally

(Ricer: from the latin word Ricarius meaning to suck at everything you attempt)

A person who makes unecessary modifications to their most often import car (hence the term "rice") to make it (mostly make it look) faster. The most common modifications are (but not limited to):

- Huge exhaust that serves no purpose but to make the car louder
- Large spoiler on the back that looks like something Boeing made for the 747
- Lots of after-market company stickers they don't have parts from, but must be cool
- Expensive rims that usually cost more than the car itself
- Bodykit to make the car appear lower, usually accented with chicken wire
- Clear tail lights and corner signals
- A "performace intake"- a tube that feeds cold air to their engine usually located in areas of excessive heat (behind or on top of the engine)
- Most of these riced cars (a.k.a. rice rockets or rice burners) are imports; Honda Civics, Accords, Integras, CRXs, RSXs, Del Sols Mitsubishi Eclipses, Lancers, Subaru Imprezas, however there are some domestics such as Chevrolet Caviliers, Dodge Neons, Ford Focus; small, slow, economy cars designed specifically to go slow. Please note that some Supras, Skylines, WRX's and other higher performance imports are designed to go fast, and are therfore not always considered rice. It really depends on the severity of the case.

The "ricer" attempts to make their car "performance" by adding the modifications listed above. These ricers are not confined to any one ethnic group or color, however different ethnic groups are known for certain styles.Honda Civics with big spoilers and 4" exhaust tips are considered to be ricers.

posted by  IwantaSti

what is wrong with a ricer? what am I?I got into an accident in my 01hondacivic and the repair place did not do a good job on the bumber. I have to replace it now. I am thinking about putting a body kit on it, because it is cheaper to buy the kit than part by part. Do I have to put the same stock bumber on it so I won't be a ricer? I got into 13 accidents so I can't drive a fast car. I had a 93 grand prix, but totaled it at 40,000. I am also getting over breast cancer so my money is limited. I don't see why I have to spend the money on modifying the engine when the fastest I will go is 65 on the freeway. So how can I modify my engine without making it a race car? One that will not cost me more to tune and in gas. What can I do to my engine to make it drive better than it is? :banghead:

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13 accidents?
Do they even let you keep your license after that?
Sorry to hear about the breast cancer though, hope you can get through it.

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That is how many I got into since I was 21. I totaled a 78 Monte Carlo. My first one in 1987. I got into 7 accidents in a 88 Grand Am (quad). 4 of them major. 91 grand am was totalled out because of insurance. Totaled a 93 grand prix (Bent Frame) and a bender fender on a 95 grand am. I got hit in a Nissan Altima (rent a car while I was waiting for my car to be fix from an accident) One accident with my o1 honda civic. I didn't loose my license because they happened after three years.

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rice=Race Inspired Cosmetic Extra. I see nothing wrong with this. :clap:

However Ricer is an attitude of the driver and not doing the cosmetic right. If you know you do nothing to your engine, and you try to race a car that is faster then yours, than your a ricer. Even so, racing is also a skill of a driver. Not only skill, but what about respect? Racing a car that is not equipt for it.:screwy:

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vwhobo, tremendous car! I think that every co. ltd. dreams of such cars. My friend saw something like this at the exhibition - He was shoked of this car!

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HAHA, I can't believe I wrote that? why I didn't get any replies to whats wrong with a ricer question, so I will flame myself... anyway body kits make your car look like it's a space ship instead of a car :laughing: On your question for safe driving and speed, may I suggest virtual driving:laughing:

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lol your only a ricer if u think ur all that and a bag of chips. like reving and all that other "look at me and my wanna be car". you can drive anything and be a ricer. its how you drive it that counts. like me. i drive a caprice classic:ticking:. not the gratist car ever but because i dont rev and race around i get respect from thos in an evo or honda. plus...others opinon shouldent matter that much to u anyway:wink2:

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