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Wouldn't the RB26 in a 240 cause the wheels to spin in third?

posted by  BBTS

The RB26DETT will fit with some work. Far better motor and cheaper for upgrades.

posted by  57ock


posted by  JeenYus

The Nissan 300ZX engine's displacement is 2960cc.

posted by  snoopewite

question... does any1 think it would it be possible to swap the VG30DETT into a 1995-1996 Nissan 240sx chassis??? Whats the 300zx engine's displacement??

any opinions and/or comments are greatly appreciated

posted by  JeenYus

yes you can put the VG into the 240 sx with custome motormounts and maybe cutting of the firewall "if needed" and there are almost as many products for a VG is there are for an RB, depends on what you want, id just stick in a ca18et/ca18det. cheaper than an SR20det yet still has potential because of its turbo nature.

i put ca18et and ca18det because i cant remember if those only came in sohc cam form or also dohc form

posted by  Arthur


CA (head design)
18 1.8ltr
D Double over head cam
E Electronic fuel injection
T Turbo

The ca18det is a lot cheaper then a SR20det

posted by  57ock

thats why i said ca18et and ca18det, because i wasnt SURE IF IT WAS DOHC OR NOT. jesus

i believe the 200sx came with the ca18et

posted by  Arthur

UK And Australian 200sx only ever came with Sr20det Motors. Red Top and later VVL black top
Jap S13 silvia has a option of CA or SR

And CA line of motors were always double overhead cam. L series motors before them were single cams

posted by  57ock

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