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okay soo the lights on my 1994 honda accord lx dont turn on anymore... the head lights do, but my interior and back lights will not. heres what happend...

one of my rear bumper lights wasnt working so i though it migh thave been a fused bulb so i opened it up and tried to take a look. i noticed it wasnt even connected. so i tried to conect the two wires next to it to the bulb. then i went to turn on my lights to see if it works. didnt happen. the only lights that do work now are the head lights, break lights (i think soo, i saw a glare so im assuming), my dome light, and clock light. the rest dont work. not even the ones on the gages. anyone know wtf is wrong? short ciruit? anything? is this a BIG fix that will cost a lot to repair? thanks and please reply asap, i needa leave for work soon and im freaking out! (im only 16 so yeah i think im fuked)

oh and also i dont think its the battery since the car does turn on...

posted by  desii

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