4g63 into a box type lancer or crx, possible?

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is it possible to drop in a 4g63 into this?
mitsubishi lancer box type-80-83, RWD, this is what it looks like
http://memimage.cardomain.net/member_images/6/web/570000-570999/570359_1.jp g
http://memimage.cardomain.net/member_images/6/web/570000-570999/570359_4.jp g
it should be possible, but the problem is that this car is RWD and i dunno about the transmision but if it aint possible then how can you put it into a crx because its been done i just dont know how but it sounds awesome and its AWD
pls comment, thanks

posted by  machspeed

I'm sure you can put a 4G63 in that Lancer. But, since it's RWD, you would probably need to use the Mitsubishi Pickup transmission (RWD). It's possible that the car already has some variation of the 4G63 (I'm not going to do the research to find out).

To put the 4G63 in a CRX... get a 4G63 and transaxle... get a cutting torch/plasma cutter. Clear engine bay of CRX, attempt to place 4G63 in engine bay of said CRX. Use Plasma cutter/cutting torch to clear away any material that would seem to be in the way of the engine/transaxle. When engine actually fits in engine bay, reinforce every portion of the front end of CRX, build engine mounts for 4G63 in CRX, get custom axles made for Mitsu tranny -> CRX uprights. Then the fun really starts... plumbing the fuel/water/heater, trying to find enough room for a radiator large enough to cool the 4G63 powerplant, and then you have all the wiring to play with.

Don't ask for a step-by-step of this project... there isn't one. There's a few people out there who have done it, and it rocks. They are very good fabricators or have a boat-load of money to give to somebody else to make the drivetrain fit. Judging by your questions I'm going to say that you're incapable of this conversion. But you're more than welcome to prove me wrong.

Use the AWD Honda drivetrain from a Wagovan. It's been done before, it is from the same era as your car, it's way cheaper, and it'll bolt to a Honda D15 VTEC (there's lots that can be done with this little motor... and it's cheap). I've seen people giving away entire Wagovan's because they just don't want them anymore. Find one... buy it cheap... do conversion... have fun.

posted by  Bino

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