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okay i wanted to buy some subs and an amp for my 94 honda accord. well since tomrrow is the big ass sales i found 2 that i liked...

ones at BEST BUY for 129.98 its a DUAL 12" package. has 2 12 inch subs, with a box. has blue leds. 1100 watts. the amp isaslo a dual. its a 460watt amp. this goes reg for 269.98 now i KNO this is gonna be one hard ass package to get since its at best buy. im sure as of right now the lines are forming (its 1241 am)

theres also one at pep boys (and i could get this from ebay) its a VISONIK 10" 800watt with 400watt 2 channel amp. its going for 129.99 comes with a free amp kit. they also have a 1000watt sub with amp for 159.99 as well.

i know the DUAL sounds better since its 12inch and all. which do you guys recommend? i kno the best buy is going to be hella crowded in the morning... if i miss out i could get the VISONIK from ebay..
any advice on this?

posted by  desii

Both are complete garbage, they sound so horrible. Don't even bother with them. You can even do better online for that price, and dont have to wait in line or for a special day or anything. The Dual speakers are awful as well as the Visionik, both are very very budget minded subwoofers and amps.

posted by  thunderbird1100


Not only for the budget minded, abut also for the deaf people who think they actually sound good...

posted by  dodgerforlife

enough said ill shoot for smoething eles. tahnks. i sorta figured they werent that great for that pice. pluss subs and amps arent my biggeest concern for now. getting my windows tinted and alarm is top right now... THANKS

posted by  desii

I recommend Compustar for the alarm

posted by  dodgerforlife

thanks for the suggestion. ill look into it. i went to some place next to this movie store i go to. it was sorta werid, its called OC autos. they had everything laid out. (kinda like they just moved in, or there going out of buiness) i talked to the guy he said he can install an alarm into my car for 149 (includes insallation and alarm) also he said he can tint my windows for 150. so far thats a the only place i went too.

another place for tint i got a quote of 199 for my car. includes all windows and the visor tint on the front with any shade i want.. so yeah. im going to take my bro and check them out.

posted by  desii

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