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well are Exhaust & ColdAir-Intake really wroth it? I mean does it really max a diff (like can u really feel it) other then Sound, Looks, And makeing that BUZZZZZ. Are sould i spend my money on Looks of the car!

-honda 96 Hb Cx

posted by  sky88

English please :wink2:

From what I understood, an exhaust and cold air intake would be worth it, probably 30+ horsepower for both...It's up to you, but I personally wouldn't spend money on the looks until you're satisfied with the performance of the car, and when you do visual stuff, nothing tacky IMO that's just tasteless. About how much money are we talking about we can give you an idea on what we would get in your shoes :thumbs:

posted by  chris_knows

well im not sure about the 30 hp but it is something you should or i might be wrong, HAVE to do if u wanna make your car perform better. If your not looking for that than just make your car look nice, its your money, and besides buying a tip is cheaper than buying the whole exhaust.

posted by  Walt

You'll probably see 10 or 15 hp from them. You don't have to, nor should you, get an exhaust that buzzes.

Its definetly worth doing however, to get the best potential from your car. Wouldnt wanna add alot of horsepower and have the exhaust and intake being the bottleneck by not giving you enough air and not getting it out of your engine quick enough!

posted by  PontiacFan27

if your car still has the cx motor i wouldnt recommend any mods....its only 80 or 90hp......and the throttle body is to small to put an intake :2cents:

posted by  black_plague

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