1995 Honda Civic DX

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I just got a 1995 Honda Civic DX 2 door, 107000 miles, black and i was wondering what is the first thing i should do to it is.

posted by  Rocko790165

I'd suggest giving her more power, with a cat-back exhaust first, and then a CAI, if not that, then a new sound system, if you want looks, get her new wheels...but it depends on your budget...

posted by  chris_knows

Save money for an engine swap, the D15 isn't worth modding (especially the whopping 100hp the D15 in the DX puts out) when you can get a 140hp B series motor for under a grand. Which is a MUCH better starting point.

posted by  thunderbird1100

what thunderbird said :thumbs:

posted by  ToshoRcing

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