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Hello, Illusions here, Yes I an new to this site.

My problem is that I have no heater in my 1993 nissan 240sx. I just bought the car about 2 months ago; and today I installed a heater core,
but I only feel heat on the bottom hose to the heater core, the top hose is
ice cold. I have not been able to locate the "Heater Water Control Valve"
and my heater hoses meet under the intake manifold, but I cannot see
what exactly they go to. Is there a sensor that I am missing or valve
somewhere that Is not opening maybe?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.!!!!


posted by  illusions

First off you will need to keep a close eye on your temp gauge!! very important
second ensure that the coolant is full
next- check your upper and lower radiator hoses- if they are both good and warm (close to same temp) then you most likely have a large air pocket at the heater core.
easiest way to get rid of air pocket is to raise the front end of veh run to normal operating temp with radiator cap off when accellerating engine above 2000 rpm the water pump will push air pocket toward highest point of cooling system which is now at the filler neck where you removed the cap and top of system as air bleeds out.

posted by  gawlevi

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