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i would like to put a turbocharger in my car, 06 tiburon, so id like to know where to get it(and installed), and how much it would cost. Id also like to know of any other potential upgrades that will make my car faster. Thanks :)

posted by  shaka zulu (
What is wrong with people?! (

posted by  jedimario

lol thanks, but i also wanted to know where i can go to get some mechanics to actually INSTALL the items, since i dont know anything about it

posted by  shaka zulu

this would be the perfect chance to actually learn how to do it. of course, u would have to be extra careful and seriously consider buying the manual for your car. then asking plenty of questions here or in a concentrated tiburon forums for help.

would come out a lot cheaper to DIY.

posted by  Inygknok

Just because you said souped, you seem that much less inteligent to me. Ask your local speed shops.

posted by  newyorker

most mechanics know how to install a turbo since its jsut bolt on. just gather prices from your local garages :thumbs:

posted by  GonnaDie4TheGov

You know more about your local community than us... pull out the phonebook and look for some mechanics, get some quotes...

BUT yes is your friend, and you have been neglecting him.

posted by  Stem

Check your phonebook for a mechanic...A turbo would cost anywhere from $1,000+...but definitely a good idea for a DIY :thumbs:

posted by  chris_knows

okay forget the turbo, its too expensive :(

but what about a cold air intake, or a bigger exhaust system? What are some ways to make my car quicker, besides the obvious vtec emblems :hi: :hi:

posted by  shaka zulu

MASSIVE decals and wings :laughing: JK

Start with an exhaust...but it depends on your budget, I'd go with a cat back exhaust, and then the CAI...

Prices, if you're willing to buy from eBay, would be about $200 for a decent one, and $500 for a good one, and CAI's would go from $30 for decent, and $200 for good :thumbs:

posted by  chris_knows

^^ like stated before go exhaust and intake the intake does not matter a $250 intake worls just as good as a $40 ebay intake, then maybe underdrive pulley header it all really depends on how much you are wiliing to spend

posted by  mx3_monster

Actually, there is a difference in intakes, like material of them pipe, whether it is Mandrel bent, the air filter, it all makes a difference, along with any sharp turns...but not too big a difference :wink2:

posted by  chris_knows

Buy an aftermarket fuel/ignition ECU that can accomodate a turbo later on.

posted by  Wally

Whats with people and Google...geeze is just as good if not better :) thats the only one I use and I can find everything with it

posted by  Golddragoner

Canadian MSN eh??? I'll take my chances with google as I never did like the MSN search engine :2cents:

Oh, and to the ricer with the Hyndai, how about some more info on your car rather than just 06 Tiburon (do you know how many cylinders it has???). :banghead:

posted by  elchango36

I wonder what would happen if you put soup in your petrol tank......

posted by  GreekWarrior

If you use clam chowder... your car will prob have a fishy smell to it :thumbs: Is this guy going to come back and give more info on his car?

posted by  Voda48

Probably not

posted by  elchango36

I don't like, I'm more of a google/dogpile guy :laughing:

BTW Greek, give it a try, and tell us what happens :laughing:

posted by  chris_knows

supposidly if you add moth balls to your gas tank it increases your octane rating...wouldn't recommend doing it as I have no idea what long term effects it would have (no noticable short term) Just like you can have more sugar in the gas tank than gas and your car will still run

posted by  Golddragoner

I've had friends tell me that they've had friends who have done it, and it works, and it's been tested on tv, and it seemed to work, but I definitely don't recommend it either...

posted by  chris_knows

Whatsup, dude. I own a 03 Tiburon that I have been working on (ever since I ruined my CRX that I tried to turbocharge).
I don't know of many turbo kits for the V6 Tiburon, but Alpine Developements makes a real good stage 1 supercharger for the V6 Tib. I think you can find it on
It is only a stage 1 and adds approx. 50 bhp.
It is a bit pricey; around $3000, so I would recommend trying some less invasive (and expensive) upgrades first.
Check out or; they have cold air intakes for the Tib at about $240. I recommend the AEM cold air in. It gives about 10 hp more (it was quite a noticeable difference).
I highly recommend getting a catback exhaust. If you have a chance, look under your Tib. Those nice looking exhaust tips go about 4 inches in, then the pipes shrink to an inch and a half in diameter-- way too small for the engine to be able to expel exhaust efficiently.
I have an Apex Integration cat-back exhaust on mine which I highly recommend. It is mandrl bent and has very few winding turns and corners in the exhaust path. It made a HUGE difference, even though the specs say it only yields a gain of 15-20 hp I think. It also sounds nice, but not obnoxiously loud.
I haven't installed one yet, but I hear that a lightweight flywheel makes a huge difference in the Tibs as well. It is advertised to yield an additional 30 hp at the wheels. If you do so, I recommend installing an aftermarket clutch as well. Even with just a Cold air, cat-back exhaust, and ignition system, I have managed to burn out a clutch on my Tib, which pissed me off pretty bad, since I know how to drive a stick really well and I always double-clutch when I downshift, etc. Also, that "America's best warranty" doesn't cover burnt clutches because they are an expendable item like brakepads. That set me back a full $1000. Moral: OEM clutches are not designed to be driven at 5000+ rpm's.
As far as finding someone to install the upgrades...unless you live in the woods, there is always a tuner shop somewhere in town.

posted by  SteelSpirit

MSN's search engine is powered by Google, so is not better than will turn up the exact same results. That "Powered by Google" banner in the upper corner of kinda gives it away.

posted by  SteelSpirit

Try ebay for the kit, and your local speed shop to install. Its going to be expensive though.

posted by  PontiacFan27

Speed Shop? you dun have to go to one of can go to pretty much any place that fixes cars. Any place that can change a clutch can sure the hell put in a aftermarket one instead of an OEM one...not too hard. And flywheels are quite easy to change too if the transmission is already off so they would be able to do that

posted by  Golddragoner

Not for turbo kits

posted by  PontiacFan27

Did I miss something I could have swore that we were talking about turbos but what topic ever stays on track?

posted by  Spanky2324

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