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Hi, i am working on a 1990 300zx automatic non twin turbo. It has 93,000 miles runs well and is a good car. I would like to convert it to a manual transmission. How much would this aproximetly cost and what parts would i need? also i am not gong to do that right away but i would like to get redy to buy parts. WIth that i would also like to swap the engine into a better engine, any opinions on any good engines for a 1990 30zx? What will i need to install this engine? or will it be a direct drop in? Will i need a special transmission to work with this engine if so let me know. thanks!

posted by  Kris

thunderbird is the perfect guy for this. he owns one of these and should be able to help u out efficiently. PM him or wait for him to respond (he will at some time in the day).

posted by  Inygknok

It costs too much money to convert the tranny, you're better off saving up for a complete VG30DETT swap with 5spd tranny. Should cost no more than $3000.

posted by  thunderbird1100

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