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Does anyone have any recomendations on step tubes for a 2004 4Runner? I'm thinking of getting some and don't know which to go with. I would like stainless, but would consider chrome or black. I don't want them to rust in two years though (why I'm thinking of stainless).

I did see some pretty cheap on eBay, but I don't know if I should trust it or not. They don't even list the brand in most cases. Anyone buy any (from eBay or elsewhere) and have any remondations on the brand to buy? or advice?


posted by  bmiller456

Actually, if anyone else is wondering I ordered them from eBay. I got them in 3 days and they are sweet. They are pure stainless, installed in about a half hour and are Back Country brand. Which is excellent quality. They retail in online stores for around $370 and I got them for $150 + $30 for shipping. You gotta love eBay. I can't figure out how these eBay guys get this stuff so cheap and resell it.

I'd like to know because I'm also looking for a grill guard, does anyone know where I can get one at a good price? I emailed the guy that sold these steps but he does not have any. I also saw some on eBay but they are more than I can get them elsewhere. Anyone?

Oh, if anyone is interested I got the steps from this guy: his ID is "aftermarketauto2005"

If anyone knows of a link for a good and well priced Grill Guard can you post it as well?

posted by  bmiller456

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