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My friend bought a 96 TSi at an auction, and we're pretty sure its been modded. He knows a dude with a eclipse GS-T and says engine does not look the same. I dunno exactly what the turbo supposed to look like, but it has the cone type red air filter, dunno if thats stock, and some screw sticking out of one of the pipes. Also, when you floor it, the boost gauge goes to 20psi. This seems alot to me. What is the stock boost level on these things?

Basically if thats higher boost than stock what kinda power should it be making?

posted by  Vlad

My friend has a 95 talon tsi..and his psi is around 14

posted by  IwantaSti

stock boost? around 6-8psi.

wat kind of power? depends on so many things..... even the turbo size itself. in fact, with the exact turbo size u could THEORETICALLY guess how much power it could be making.

posted by  Inygknok

Can you get us pictures? And yes, that car is definetely not stock if its running 20 psi.

posted by  PontiacFan27

Not on the eclipses. Most turbo DSMs have 11-15 psi. If he's reading 20, then the previous owner put in a new turbo, but isn't extracting the full potential out of it. (the stock turbo isn't know for making over 14 psi). My guess is that the wastegate or BOV isn't able to pull itself fully closed, or the previous owner set it to 20 psi max because of fuel or knocking problems.

Probably around 230-240 HP at the crank. If you have a beastly turbo in there (T88 :drool: ), and you get a new wastegate, new BOV, new piping, new intercooler, new fuel pump, newfuel injectors, and all the necessities, you'll be able to push 400 horsies out of that thing.

posted by  Godlaus

stock boost is 15 lbs for eclipse gst.

posted by  silvia_star

i dont think a stock t25 would last too long trying to push 20 psi

posted by  black_plague

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